February 2, 2023

‘Opposition political parties do not have scorecards to win election in Ebonyi’

By Peter Okutu

The Director General of the Divine Mandate APC Campaign Organization, Chief Austin Umahi, Thursday stated that the opposition political parties in the State, do not have any scorecard, that will enable them win any position in the 2023 general election.

The DG who stated this during a press conference at the APC Campaign office in Abakaliki, stressed that the opposition were not in existence in the State as the APC was prepared to retain power after the election.

Umahi further accused the opposition elements of masterminding the pulling down and destruction of the posters and billboard of the APC in the State, even as he advised them to leave out mischief in their activities.

According to the DG, any opposition or criticism done on the bases of mischief will not yield any dividend. They are trying to provoke us but we are going to be mature about it.

He said: “Any opposition done out of mischief will not yield any dividend. They have resorted to the tearing of our campaign posters. They are carrying out all kinds of attacks; that the shopping Mall is not necessary; the flyovers are not necessary. No state has superceded Ebonyi State in terms of human capital development.

“Opposition political parties only exist on Facebook. They are wanderers. The destruction of our billboards must stop. We are warning that it should stop.

“The in-coming Governor is a man of destiny. A man that understands the political compass of this state having under studied the State. A man that has done 8 years uninterrupted as Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly. He has gone through apprenticeship. He is a man that believes that all power belong to God.

“We are going to win our election from top to bottom and from bottom to the top. The achievements of the Governor has brought the influx of the people to the State. Ebonyi remains the most secured state in the south East zone.

“We are working assiduously, very well to win election. We are unshakeable. We are convinced that there’s no other party is in existent in the State. They don’t have any score card to win election in 2023.”