February 12, 2023

Nigeria can’t survive without Igbo land, Lagos – Sani, ADP presidential candidate

Nigeria can’t survive without Igbo land, Lagos – Sani, ADP presidential candidate

. Promises to make Aba major industrial hub

By Steve Oko

The Presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Yabagi Yusuf Sani, an Engineer,  has said that but for Igbo land and Lagos State, Nigeria would have been a dull country.

Sani who made the remark at the weekend while flagging off his presidential campaign in Umuahia, Abia State, commended the ingenuity and enterprising spirit of the Igbo race.

“Apart from Igbo land and perhaps, Lagos, the rest of the country, it seems, are sleeping”, Sani said.

He further observed that Nigeria had not been fair to Ndigbo despite their contributions to the national economy. 

The presidential hopeful promised to make Aba a major industrial hub in Africa if voted into power.

He also promised to give conscious attention to Small and Medium Enterprises and the manufacturing sector.

“We have seen what is happening in China, Malaysia and we can make Aba a huge economic hub. We will build this nation economically by encouraging the manufacturing sector”.

He identified lack of respect for the rule of law on the part of Government as the major cause of agitation for self-determination in parts of the country.

Sani promised to enthrone the rule of law in Nigeria if voted into power.

“Under ADP government everyone in Nigeria will be treated according to the provisions of the law irrespective of the part of the country the person comes from or the religion he belongs,” he said.

He argued that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would not have been remanded in detention indefinitely after being freed by the court if the Nigerian Government had respect for rule of law.

The ADP presidential hopeful acknowledged that the Igbo nation is being treated unfairly and

He accused the All Progressive Congress, APC -led Federal Government of marginalising the Igbo nation

”I am saying this with all sense of responsibility, the people of South East have been pushed to the wall and I do believe that when you give people equal opportunity in their country, believe you me, they will work for that country as if there is no tomorrow.

”So if we make this country to belong to all of us, if we do not discriminate because of tribe, religion or language you speak, this country is the promise of greatness”.

In his remarks, the Vice-presidential candidate, Dr Okey Udo, solicited the support of Abia voters for ADP in the 2023 general election.

He said that the party had an array of competent candidates well prepared to take Nigeria out of the woods.

Udo, who is an indigene of Abia State said that Ndigbo would receive their fair share under the ADP administration.

In her remarks the Director General of the ADP Presidential Campaign Council, Engr. Josephine Elebute-Halle specially appealed to Abia women to back ADP candidates at all levels with their huge voting strength.

“Let your votes count for us; let us make credible change possible,” she said.

In their respective speeches, the governorship candidate of Abia ADP, Hon Jonas Chibuike Okafor; and the State Chairman, Deacon Benjamin Arisa, predicted victory for the party.

Flags were presented to various candidates of the party.