February 1, 2023

Ignore  call to boycott 2023 elections, IWA urges  Ndigbo

…Throws weight behind Obi 

While throwing their weight behind the presidential ambition of  Peter Obi,  the  umbrella body of Igbo organizations globally, the  Igbo World Assembly, IWA, has called on Ndigbo   across the country  to ignore  calls to boycott the 2023  general  elections in Nigeria. 

Making the call  during a world press conference at the weekend  jointly addressed by Christian Onuorah, IWA, Vice Chairman and Oliver Nwankwor, Secretary General after their global zoom teleconference  with optimism noted that  Obi if elected would make positive changes in the Nigerian political history. 

The Igbo  Diaspora  group from  35-member countries disclosed that they  voted unanimously to endorse and support the Nigerian Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi and the Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed in the Nigerian Presidential election.

According to IWA, “We have  taken critical   and extensive   view  of the major political parties, their candidate’s track records, characters, capacity and capabilities, and party manifestoes, before unanimously voting for the endorsement of the Labour Party presidential candidates.  Obi and his running-mate ,  Datti Baba-Ahmed as the next President and Vice President  of Nigeria. We insist  that Nigerians should come out to participate in the democratic election without fear or favor and vote for  Obi and his running-mate”.

The choice of  Obi, according to IWA, has generated widespread acceptance by many Nigerians, particularly among the Youths and Women worldwide given the fact that he is the  only governor that is not in the radar of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,

“We strongly believe that Obi’s  victory will turn  things around for better.  Nigeria is a consumption economy. Obe has been preaching against that.  The positive energy, hope and faith in a new Nigeria will be ushering in the spirit of committed resolution to Nigerian challenges”, the group noted.

According to the Diaspora group, Obi  has the track record for standing up for the rights of all Nigerians and is working tirelessly as he did  during his tenure as  Anambra State Governor  to improve the lives of all Nigerians.

” He fought corruption as a State Governor, left money in account instead of debt and promoted good governance. He has shown that  he is committed to good, financial, anti-corruption, transparency and accountability in governance. . He has commitment to  work tirelessly  in ensuring that the resources of our nation are used for the benefit of all its citizens.

“Obi  achieved massive economic growth in Anambra as a Governor and has plans for economic growth and development aligned with fairness and justice, and will help lift millions of Nigerians out of poverty. Lifting Nigeria from Consumption to Production”, the group pointed out. 

According to IWA, “Obi  took education in Anambra to the top  in Nigeria  within a very short time. He  built the best network of roads in Anambra state when compared to the rest of Nigeria. By extension, Obi has 

a clear vision on how best  to address the challenges facing our nation especially security and economic challenges. He has  the experience and leadership skills to implement them”

Obi’s track records, core beliefs and principles including respect for constitution and rule of law, respect for human right and civil rights, respect for the federal character commission rules, merit based appointment to government positions, firm knowledge and competent management of Nigeria’s economy, detribalized appointments and leadership in all sectors of the government, and many more, according to  IWA in the statement were convincing factors why he should  be elected for Presidency. 

“As leaders in the Diaspora, we have been craving for good governance. We  believe that  Obi is the right candidate  that  will lead our nation to a brighter future. We urge all our brothers and sisters in Diaspora in particular and Nigerians in general to join us in supporting, voting for him and working together to ensure a better new Nigeria for all”, the group added. .

With optimism, the Diaspora Igbo group  further  noted that  Obi  as President would effectively and decisively confront the security menace facing the country, adding that during his  8 years in Anambra State as  Governor, he implemented zero tolerance on security. 

“Anambra State was adjudged the safest State in Nigeria at that time. He will do the same as the President of Nigeria.   Among the Presidential aspirants, Obi is the only corrupt-free contestant. IWA is convinced that he will bring the cost of governance down and will honestly fight corruption to a final stop. Obi if elected  will stop   fraudulent activities and embezzlement in government, nepotism and mediocrity in government, among others. 

“IWA considers the opinions of the youths to be vital because the youths constitute the largest majority of the Nigerian population and must be factored into the political future of the country. Obi’s exemplary engagement with youths and women manifested the overwhelming support from the segments.

 “Obi is a tested rare breed with leadership  qualities, capacity and capability that Nigerians need now as  President. His remarkable achievements in Anambra will attest to this. Accountability, responsibility, transparency and rule of law that he demonstrated  during his tenure as Anambra state  Governor are benchmarks  required for the president of a new Nigeria, the group explained.