February 7, 2023

Igbo elders consultative forum goes spiritual over 2023 elections

By Steve Oko

As part of its contribution towards credible general elections that would throw up credible leadership in the country in the forthcoming polls, Igbo Elders Consultative Forum, has initiated intercessory prayers while urging all lovers of the country irrespective of their tribe and creed, to join in the efforts.

The forum in a statement Tuesday, by former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife; and the Leader of Ark Bearers of New Nigeria, Evangelist Iwuchukwu Ezenwafor, urged Nigerians to engage in intensive intercessory prayers for the country as the polls draw closer.

In the statement entitled:”Emergence of a New Nigeria Through Effectual Intercession”, the forum declared that Nigeria needed divine intervention to be able to conduct a successful and credible 2023 general elections.

The forum declared that “Nigeria as an entity housing a significant population of true worshippers of God, the grace of the Almighty will ever be present to overshadow the entire process of the forthcoming general elections followed by a smooth transition to new administrations at all levels.”

It also declared that “though certain notorious elements of disorder or wicked agents of destabilisation and habitual enemies of peace and progress masquerading as ethnic and religious bigots would likely choose to foment crisis, the overpowering ever presence and influence of the Spirit Divine shall supernaturally contain and neutralise their excesses to their own chagrin.”

The forum prayed that the quality and general conduct of the elections shall reflect an exceptional general improvement, and thereby post an unusual credibility record that would consequently revolutionise the future electioneering processes within the country and across the African continent.

It further declared “that all shades of usual electoral impunity, manipulations and diverse malpractices shall this time around not prosper against the perfect will of God and the popular will of the Nigerian masses.”

Igbo Elders Consultative Forum also declared that no electoral violence or “electorally-induced crimes shall be recorded in the course of the voting exercises nationwide”.

The forum prayed that “the generality of the electorates shall be extra sensitively emboldened with resolute interest to act as watchdogs over the general operations of the electoral umpire, the INEC, to ensure that our votes shall collectively count.”

It declared that whereas the presence of law enforcement agents would, as usual be necessary, “they are bound to perform above board with the necessary professional touch according to the tenets of global best practices without fear or favour”.

Other declarations of the forum include: “that an atmosphere of absolute freedom and tranquility shall prevail in the course of the voting exercises devoid of harassment, intimidation, threat and inducement of any sort enabling individual free-voting decisions; and that INEC shall provide a level playing ground for all parties.”

The statement read in part:”That there shall be a distinct, clearcut and profound electoral victory in each elective office by the very best candidate approved by God and graciously acceptable to the generality of Nigerians”.

“That the would be victors in all the available electoral offices across board shall not only reflect the common will of the masses but shall be the right crop of the dream quality leaders who shall form the ideal governments that would maintain unsevered close connection with the led, feeling their pulse and lending their listening ears to the yearnings and aspirations of ordinary Nigerians”.

Igbo Elders Consultative Forum reminded voters not to be ignorant of the implications of their choices as they go to the polls.

” We do not need to overemphasize the absolute fact that while one may out of his, her or their freewill as free moral agents, choose to negate any/all of the aforementioned declarations for parochial and selfish interests, one should verily take note that while he, she or as a party may seem to have his, her or their way temporarily; he, she or they can never avoid the awful judgemental consequences here, and hereafter eternal misery.”