February 4, 2023

Ibom Air to commence regional flights next 2 months – Mgt.

By Chioma Onuegbu, & Harris Emanuel

Uyo- THE management of Ibom Air, a Nigerian Airline owned by Akwa Ibom State government has expressed their readiness to commence regional flight to seven African countries in the next two months.

The Group Manager, Marketing and Communications of Ibom Air, Mrs. Annie Essienette who disclosed this while fielding questions from newsmen during a media briefing on Thursday in Uyo, reiterated that their focus is to grow the Airline.

Essienette listed the Seven African countries to include Ghana Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gabon, Liberia, and Gambia.

Her words: ” I can assure you every single person that works in Ibom Air is committed to delivering excellent service to our passengers. We are focused on one thing, to grow this Airline and put Akwa Ibom on a pedestal.

“On the question about International flight, if you were at the reception of the last Airbus, my Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) said that we are going to expand regionally.

“We tell everyone that cares to listen that Ibom Air is a world class, but African regional Airline, meaning that as much as we want to go international, we want to first of all conquer the Africa territory. And this year alone, we are going to go to Seven African countries.

” I am happy to list them for you. This year we are going to Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gabon, Liberia, and Gambia.Trust me it will not even be up to two months before we start the first regional flight. However, when we are stable nothing stops us from inter-lining with international airlines”

Essienette, again clarified the ownership of the Airline saying, “There is no place I go to I don’t get this question. And I will tell you once again that Ibom Air is 100 per cent owned by Akwa Ibom state government.

” And in terms of its financial space, as a Limited liability company when they have financial issues they go to the market like every other business entity. If they need to access any kind of facility, they do that with the credibility they’ve built over time”

She assured that Ibom Air which was registered as a limited liability company and independent of the government would be sustained

“We do not plan to fail. I can tell you categorically Ibom Air will outlive us. It will outlive this government and every other government that is coming. And that is why we take training of our people very seriously.
If you don’t have the right kind of passion you cannot work in Ibom Air. You have to buy into the vision and understand where we are going”, she asserted.