February 19, 2023

I ‘ve sacrificed a lot for acting – Toke Jamiu

I ‘ve sacrificed a lot for acting – Toke Jamiu

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress, Omotoke Abosede Jamiu loves modesty and decency. In a recent chat with Potpourri, she was all free and cordial, until the conversation veered into issues about sex. Obviously, this is a conversation she didn’t want to get herself entangled in and she was bluntly emphatic about it.

“ I don’t think I would want to talk about that because I am not a sex freak. My job is too demanding for me to have that as an important part of my life. I have sacrificed my life, time and even had to resign from a well paying job to get to where I am today,” she retorted when asked what kind of woman she is when it comes to sex.

As much as her life revolves around acting, life has not been all rosy with her when it comes to relations with the opposite sex.

“What I hate about this job, among others, is men judging me based on my career, saying things like, “I can’t date you because you’re an actress”; “Actresses don’t keep relationships or marriage”; These often happen after watching a movie where I hugged or kissed a guy. What I hear is, “Oh sorry, I don’t think this will work”. I guess it’s because people outside the industry see actors and actresses as people who do dirty things before they join the industry or get the roles they play in movies. But I will boldly say that there are many decent people in the industry,” she said.

Toke Jamiu is an orphan who lost her mother at a tender age and her father a few years ago. She grew up with her grandmother as a second child of three siblings.

She has featured in films like Bi won tin se Lorun, Delilah, Iru, Atupa, Bi mo se yan, Okiti ogan, Ofin iluwa and more. Films she has produced include Do Or Die, The Living Ghost, Perfect Murder, Irenimoyan and Anale.