February 19, 2023

How I make my money – Skits maker, Sirbalo

How I make my money – Skits maker, Sirbalo

By Ayo Onikoyi

Popular skit maker and content creator, Obotuke Timothy Ochuko Sirbalo, simply known as Sirbalo has conveniently established himself as one of the top skits makers in Nigeria, and probably one of the richest. In a recent chat with Potpourri, the man from Ughelli North local government area of Delta State gives a tip on how skits makers make their money while laughing off the idea of him being a billionaire.

“I don’t know if skits makers are billionaires or not, but what I can tell you is that there is a lot of money to be made on online platforms. There are criteria to meet in order to monitise your skits. Basically, we have two major sources of monitising your content, which are Facebook and YouTube,” he said.

“But majority of comedy skits makers in Nigeria do not make the bulk of their money from Facebook and Youtube even though they remain strong sources. Majority of comedy skits makers rely heavily on revenues generated through personal promotions, endorsements and adverts,” he added.

As good and easy as this sounds, Sirbalo noted that to be a successful skits maker, it requires a lot of consistency and the requisite experience.

“To make it as a skits maker you have to be consistent, ready to learn from people, and always improve on your craft. Before I became a content creator, I worked as an editor in Nollywood and as a permanent editor to Mr Ibu amongst others,” he said.

On whether he pays other skits makers he features in his skits, Sirbalo says that depends on many factors.

“ I would say Yes and No. First, there is friendship in business, so it is more like you scratch my back and I scratch yours, that way we all grow. Second, sometimes, some skits makers are paid to be featured too,” he remarked.

On his advice to aspiring and upcoming skits makers, he said, “Follow the trend, take corrections where need be and much more. I would advise them to be consistent and learn from other top skits makers. They should not be in a hurry to get fame because maintaining fame also needs a lot of work. They shouldn’t compare their level of growth with others as we are not all the same. And while working to get the fame, also work to get the money, because success is when you’re famous and also have the finance to help yourself without having to bother anyone.”

Sirbalo attended Federal Government College, Idoani, Ondo State and Lagos State University.