February 4, 2023

Growing up, I was always bullied, described as ugly — Beverly Naya

By Benjamin Noku

British -trained Nigerian actress Beverly Naya has relived sad memories of her childhood, revealing how she was bullied and disliked by many, while she was growing up.

The actress shared her touching story, while featuring in this week’s episode of #With Chude.

According to her, “Growing up, I was always getting bullied for one thing or the other. I always felt like there was always going to be something that I was going to get attacked for.”

Recounting how she struggled to understand her existence, the beautiful actress said apart from being bullied as a child, she was also described as being ugly. A situation that made her scared of her beauty.

“ I struggled to own my beauty to avoid being attacked. And I was doing everything to please the people. This is because I didn’t want them to have a bad impression about me. If they get to know the kind of person I am, they would like me.

“ I didn’t want people to hate me, I tried to please them so that I could blend  with them. I kind of lost myself in the process. I lost myself in a way that I struggled for a long time to get over it. In fact, I did a lot of things to get people to like me.. At one point, I needed to understand my entire existence. For me right now, I feel like if you don’t like me, or choose not to understand me or you feel like I am too much, that’s really you , I am not in control of how you feel about me. But I am only in control of how I feel about myself,” the actress stated.

Beverly also recalled the challenges she faced when she moved back to the country in 2009 to pursue an acting career.

Narrating further, she said “During the early years of my life in Nigeria, I had to deal with the challenges of being born and raised in the UK. I also dealt with my British accent and how to regain my self -confidence. “

Naya, who started her acting career at the age of 17, relocated to the country in 2009 to pursue an acting career. The sexy actress came into the limelight after playing a lead role in Lancelot Imasuen’s award-winning movie “Home In Exile..”