February 23, 2023

Dsgn Discussions: Empowering designers to think outside the box

Dsgn Discussions: Empowering designers to think outside the box

Designers and creatives from across Nigeria converged at the Dsgn Discussions event organized by Favour Godfrey in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Dsgn Discussions is a platform for innovative conversations among designers/creatives in Africa was founded in 2019 and brings together leading designers and creative professionals to discuss the latest trends, techniques, and strategies in the design industry.

The theme of the discussions in Uyo, ‘Outside the Box,’ focused on empowering and challenging designers and creative business founders to grow, scale, and profit from their design careers.

The discussion had over 350 persons in attendance and 50 volunteers from Uyo, who helped to ensure the smooth running of the event, was supported by Tabulio- a social networking platform that allows creatives connect, collaborate as well as access global job opportunities, and Fullgap, a platform that helps creatives manage gigs, onboard and chat with clients.

During the event, the speakers and panelists engaged in conversations related to the theme of ‘Outside the Box’. Favour Godfrey, the organizer of the event, urged designers to break out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to think creatively.

Victor Fatanmi discussed how designers can turn their passion for design into a profitable business, emphasizing the importance of monetizing their skills. Gidyon Thompson shared his insights on how to find inspiration to create unique work, while Ayodeji Osindele explored new methods, techniques, and technologies to automate design processes and increase efficiency. Tony Onuk shared strategies to build effective creative businesses and design systems to help stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

The discussions were filled with practical advice and valuable insights that designers and creatives can use to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Attendees were encouraged to think beyond traditional approaches and embrace new ideas and technologies to improve their work.

The panelists added their unique perspectives to the discussions. Sam Godfrey, Imoh Silas, Samuel Ogu, David Ofiare, Chiehiura Basil, Victor Jimmy, Wakky Paul, and Christian Jombo shared their experiences and insights on various topics related to the industry. The event included games, free eye checkup and work-space giveaways, providing attendees with practical benefits to take away from the event.

Overall, the Dsgn Discussions event was a success, providing attendees with valuable insights, practical advice, and a fun and engaging experience. The event demonstrated the importance of networking and learning from experts in the industry, as well as the value of challenging oneself to think outside the box and embrace new ideas and technologies. Speaking with Favour Godfrey the event host he said; Dsgn Discussions will continue to hold virtual and in-person events across several cities in Nigeria and Africa, and is open for sponsorship and partnership. We look forward to future editions of this event and the opportunities it will bring to the design industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.