February 6, 2023

Arthur Eze backs FG’s new monetary policy

Prince Arthur Eze

By Vincent Ujumadu

BUSINESS Mogul, Prince Arthur Eze says he is totally in support of the federal government’s naira redesign and cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, describing it as an outstanding economic decision that would bring effective economic and financial prosperity to Nigerians. 

 Eze, in a statement by his media consultant, Oliver Okpala said the federal government and the CBN should be commended for the decision which, according to him, would give greater value to the country’s currency and financial investments. 

He urged the people to exercise a little patience as the genuine results of the policies of the CBN and federal government would soon come to fruition.

“Nigerians should be happy that the billions stolen by some corrupt individuals in the country aimed at starving the poor have been recovered and some rendered useless by the redesigned currency policy. 

“I wonder why some Nigerians should pack billions of stolen money in their private residences awaiting to use it to rig elections. 

“With the cashless policy in place, disgruntled politicians can no longer use money to truncate the electoral process in the country.

“With the policy, unbroken peace and tranquility has returned to our electoral process and true democratic values will now be entrenched in our nascent democratic journey.

“Corrupt Nigerians hiding money in their houses have been forced to give it out to charity to avoid the expiration of such money in their hands before the deadline,” Eze said.

According to him, the hardship being experienced by Nigerians as a result of the policy was only temporary, assuring that the dividends would soon outweigh the present hardship. 

 He advised the rich in the society to devote significant part of their riches to charity and philanthropy as a way of pleasing God who, in his infinite mercy, gave them the wealth. 

He also called on Nigerians to be their brothers keeper and live in peace and harmony so that economic activities could thrive.

He urged Nigerian politicians to devote more time and considerations to the survival of the nation as a corporate entity, rather than pursuing primordial interests that do not further unity and cohesion.