January 27, 2023

Zulfah Academy opens new Lagos office, matriculates 50 learners

One of the leading software development academies in Nigeria, Zulfah Academy, has matriculated over 50 learners for different courses.

During the matriculation held at Zulfah Academy’s new office at Maryland Crescent, Lagos State, the learners were charged to be focused and determined.

Zulfah Academy’s Team Lead, Abayomi Ajao, highlighted the academy’s uniqueness, noting that imparting knowledge is the academy’s priority.

According to him, the academy offers special plans for its learners to make learning comfortable for them amid the economic situation in the country.

The Zulfah official listed the special offers to include self-sponsorship and financier investment plans.

He said, “We are confident that our training and career support will lead to a high-paying job for the learner after going through our six-month intensive training.

“The Self Sponsorship Plan – SSP – is a (Pay-Learn-Earn) payment plan where prospective learners either sponsor themselves and/or a third party from the learner to help with the training costs.

“Also, learners who cannot afford the boot camp fees can opt for the FIP(Financier Investment Plan), This is a (Learn-Earn-Pay) action plan.

“Here, Zulfah and its financier partners will agree to sponsor learners throughout the programme under which the student agrees to pay XY % of their post-training income for XY months as agreed by the candidate and the financier partner.”

Asked what the newly-matriculated learners would benefit from the academy, he replied, “Zulfah delivers an intensive six-month program where our software developers learn Frontend development, Backend development, Fullstack development, and additional soft skills in an immersive environment.

“Through an agile delivery methodology, mentor matching, and leadership modules, our software engineers are equipped with techniques and a leadership mindset that enables them to work competitively in any team globally.”

He also explained that as part of our curriculum, Zulfah exposes its engineers to real-life applications and projects. 

Ajao also said many alumni of the academy are already working in reputable organisations.

“During these projects, we ensure they are well-equipped to develop programs individually and in teams. We enforce industry standards and best practices that match the dynamics of the tech industry, engage in complete hands-on coding projects with personalised feedback and enhance tactical problem-solving techniques and give a feel of reality,” he added.