January 18, 2023

TMY podcast service kicks into full operation

TMY podcast service kicks into full operation

TMY Empire continues its dominance in digital production and marketing as its new subsidiary, TMY Podcast, kicks into full operation.

TMY Empire also known variously as TMY Media and TMY News is a digital production, distribution, marketing and management group which is recognised for its topnotch services in Nigeria, Ghana, UK, US and UAE.

The TMY (Tree Money Yard) group has established competence in sound recording for its TMY Records, just as the services of its studios for photography, rehearsals and video production are widely sought-after.
With TMY Podcast,the group has expanded its services and now offers Nigerians benefits of quality podcasting in a world-class studio.
Speaking about the new development, CEO of TMY Empire, Ajayi Solomon said:
“TMY podcast has been instrumental to the growth of entrepreneurship, business and the entertainment industry. We are easy to work with, and the quality of our work is off the charts.”

Speaking on the TMY Podcast studio, he said that the quality of equipment and the space available makes it adaptable and” perfect for solo sessions, group discussions for interviews. “

Ajayi Solomon added: “The TMY Talk Show Podcast Studio is very adaptable and is a good fit for almost any show; in particular, the studio is perfect for panel discussions of up to eight guests.”

Among its many features, the studio’s light can auto-change to match the outfit or logo of the show host and participants,he explained.
“The studio is livestream-ready; and is perfectly soundproof; clients may either record with us or use their own equipment; while we can edit and mix the whole episode and get it ready for release, ” the TMY CEO affirmed.

The podcast service also includes music.
Explaining the TMY Music Podcast service, Ajayi said: “If you are a musician you can get an interview or record in person or be connected to your guests virtually ,it’s basically an interview section with celebrities lifestyle and achievements,”

TMY is a Nigerian basic Media company focused on entertainment and lifestyle productions and management.