January 29, 2023

PMT founder, Onyishi shares success story

PMT founder, Onyishi shares success story

Founder, and Chairman of foremost road transport company, Peace Mass Transit Ltd., Dr. Samuel Maduka Onyishi, is known to be fiercely religious, even though not fanatical in the conventional sense.

But he is, however, probably one of the few successful men at his level who would openly pray to God to nullify and remove  ”all agents, staff, principalities and powers in and around his business and family which are not of God…”to  which his audience, mostly staff, would chorus  “AMEN!”

A lot of rich men in this part of Christian –  dominated South East Nigeria have multiples of titles like Dr., Pastor, Chief, Ozo, etc, including  Onyishi, but what he  seems to cherish most is to be addressed simply as  Evangelist Sam Maduka Onyishi, MON!

He and his siblings were born Sabbaterians, but he later chose the path of Assemblies of God, where he grew to become Evangelist, meaning he  spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ, without necessarily presiding over or owning any church – 

Somewhat of an  itinerant preacher!

Onyishi tells anyone who cares to listen that he considers Peace Mass Transit  his own “Ministry” , created, ordained, sustained by God Almighty as his own platform  to serve Him and humanity!

And it would seem he goes the extra mile, unabashedly, to justify what he has openly  acknowledged  as the mandate of God to serve God and humanity.

At 12 noon every work day, all Peace Group  staff at the headquarters are under obligation to gather for prayers at  Emene, Enugu, without exceptions!

The atmosphere there on a very good day, is akin to a penticostal church fellowship, with loud music played by staff who have perfected the use of diverse musical equipment including guiter, piano, drums, etc!

A few amateur pastors who lead the daily sessions  have also emerged from the group, even if it is difficult to ascertain if they are genuinely committed to worship of  God as Onyishi himself confesses!

But, love or hate him: give it to this Nsukka born entrepreneur! 

He makes rare, discernible  efforts to be seen as Godly, justifies his high moral ground  to pontificate to staff and family!

A few years ago, he surprised the world when he  returned a whooping 2.2 billion naira, to First Bank, “because i am not sure that this is my money…”!

The amount was credited to him by the bank, after a transaction, but Onyishi maintained he was not sure it was his, so he returned the money to the institution promptly,  at a well advertised ceremony!

That is Onyishi for you!

He is ethical, religious, but not fanatical, because he does not impose ideas; he proves to you that it is possible to be godly, stick to the rules, and still be successful!

It is also remarkable that Onyishi’s  PMT does not cut corners, or seek to circumvent lawful government or institutional taxes. It honours, and promptly too, all legitimate assessed taxes yearly.

That may explain why PMT drivers don’t seek to bribe law enforcement officers on the highway!

Vehicle papers, drivers’ licenses are all meant to be valid  all the time…etc.

In his reminiscences at this new year prayer session with staff, this week, Onyishi told them to honour God in whatever they do,  because he himself is

” proof that there is benefit in serving God, whatever situation you find yourself!”

” I don’t need any occultic power in or around my business and family, and may God take me a day before the day that I would serve any other God other than the Almighty”!

” The God Almighty I have served all these years has not failed me”…

“There is nothing accidental about the progress or height attained by PMT as market leader; I planned it by reinvesting the profit made in the best times and God was in agreement, so we excelled”!

He urged the staff to rededicate themselves to 

their duties to continue to grow the company  and ensure it  remains the market leader.

” Getting to the top can happen by chance, but remaining at the top must be premeditated”, he told them…