January 11, 2023

Outrage as brothers kill Bauchi farmer

By Charly Agwam – Bauchi 

Outrage have greeted the killing of a sesame seed farmer, Ibrahim Ahmadu by two brothers who were alleged to be pillaging his farm the same time Ahmadu went to spray herbicide on his farm.

The unfortunate incident which happened at Papa hamlet in Darazo local government area of Bauchi state on 20th December, 2022 has led to the arrest of two brothers, Babangida Adamu and Abubakar Adamu.

According to Police account, the Bauchi Command PPRO, Ahmed Wakil narrated how Ahmadu (now deceased) had gone to his father farm on a fateful day to tend to the farm, but met two suspects, Babangida Adamu, and his brother Abubakar Adamu trespassing on the farm with intent to steal his father’s produce. 

He said that there were altercations between the Ahmadu and the suspects and eventually, they overpowered and killed him went he attempted to go back to his father to tell him what he saw. 

“After the suspects finished packing all the farm produce and were about to load it into a sack, the victim who was sent by his father to spray insecticide appeared on the farm and approached the suspects. 

“He however turned to go back home after seeing that the farm was near empty. But one of the suspects, Ubale gripped the victim and told him to stop. When the suspect stopped, Ubale asked the victim where he was going. 

“The victim said he will not spray the insecticide anymore since the suspects had already packed everything on the farm. On hearing this, Ubale called his cohort (Babangida) to kill the victim to avoid being apprehended.,” the Command PPRO said. 

“They started struggling with the victim, then Ubale drew a knife which they found in possession of the victim. But, his accomplice, Babangida was unsure whether to let the victim go or to kill him, while Ubale boldly said they should go ahead and kill him because no one was looking at them and that they will deny committing the act if apprehended. 

“Ubale held the legs of the victim, while Babangida gripped the head and hands of the victim with his knee before putting the knife on the neck region and cut off the throat of the victim, and later abandoned him in a pool of his blood,” SP Ahmed Wakil added. 

One of Ahmadu’s acquaintance, Abdulkadir Lawal who was contacted by Arewa Voice, expressed disappointment at Ahmadu’s untimely death while also consoling the bereaved family he left behind. 

“What happened was very unfortunate. The news of his death brought shock waves to my entire being. How could they have killed the innocent man, what was his offence? It is so sad that life has become so cheap to the extent that some people can kill anybody at anytime without an atom of fear.

“I can’t wait for justice to be served because he surely deserves it. I also feel for the family because I can’t imagine what they are going through right now, it must be very difficult for them. I pray that Allah will grant him Aljana and make it easy for his family,” he prayed.