January 12, 2023

Obi-Datti Movement is beyond Obi, it’s about Nigeria – Utomi


The Chairman and Chairman and Founder of The Big-Tent, Prof Pat Utomi, has stated that the Obi-Datti Movement is beyond any individual because it is a movement about taking back Nigeria from a greedy few and making it work for the majority who are suffering deprivation.

The Big-Tent is an independent campaign body comprising all support groups routing for the Obi-Datti Labour Party Presidential ticket in next months Presidential election.

Utomi spoke while addressing journalists at the sidelines of a campaign event organized for Labour Party candidates for the forth coming general elections, held at Merit House, in Abuja, on Thursday.

The Profession of Political Economy said, “What we are doing in this campaign is multitasking. Even our chairman just came in yesterday and all of us here we came because something really matters and what matters is the heart and soul of this country.

“ We must come together to see that at least we save our nation. The Obi-Danti movement is not about anybody but Nigeria. We want to be citizens, we want to be proud of this country everybody know what happened just yesterday.

“ Our passports have been downgraded more while some other countries we have seen their passport moving up.

“We will not be second citizen in our country just because of small group of people calling themselves elites taking 450,000 barrels of crude oil and also taking subsidies and enjoying everything while all of us living in object poverty.“

Speaking in a similar vein, Director General, of the organisation, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdukarim Huseni, said , “This is going to be a serious issue to all of us not to think of our children in the next thing we are going to do.

“ We are tired of people who are telling us that just about politics and they can do Muslim -Muslim ticket and one northerner handling over to another to northerner, no, politics is about uniting people.“