January 4, 2023

I’ve stopped kidnapping business, says suspect caught with stolen 50kg rice

KFC staff


Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

A kidnap suspect, Enetho Destiny, 21, has confessed to stopping the kidnapping business before he was with a stolen bag of rice in the Ila area of Osun state.

Speaking while being paraded at the Osun Amotekun Corps command in Osogbo, he confessed to having been involved in kidnapping three persons in Edo State before deciding to leave the state to rejoin his family in Kwara state.

He said. “I’m going to Patigi, Kwara state from Edo state to see my wife and children. In Edo, we were into kidnapping. I and three other members. I left the other members and decide to move to Kwara because I don’t want to engage in kidnapping again.

“I and my colleagues have kidnapped four people and what we normally do is to contact the families of our victims and asked them for money.

“I got to Osun yesterday morning. The driver that took me from Edo dropped me at Ila because the money I paid was not enough to take me to Kwara state.

“I was arrested in the night after stealing a bag of rice from a farm. I plan to sell the rice and use the money to continue my journey to Kwara state”.

Speaking while parading the suspect, the corps commandant, Amitolu Shittu, said the suspect was arrested in the bush in Ila with a bag of rice and could not explain his mission there.

He said efforts were on by men of the corps to comb the forest for other suspects.