January 9, 2023

Iran sentences footballer to 26 yrs imprisonment over protests

Iran sentences footballer to 26 yrs imprisonment over protests

By Biodun Busari

The Iranian government has sentenced the country’s footballer Amir Nasr-Azadani to 26 years in prison for his involvement during protests rocking the nation.

Mirror reported that Nasr-Azadani was guilty of “partaking in enmity against God” in the action that led to the death of security agents during the demonstrations.

Hundreds of protestors have died in Tehran, the country’s capital and other cities following the death in morality police custody of Mahsa Amini two months ago.

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The 22-year-old woman died in police custody after being arrested for not wearing her hijab correctly.

Saman Ghoddos, the only Iranian in the Premier League, recently told Mirror Football this month that it was right for players to speak up in support of those who are calling for change – regardless of potential repercussions.

The Islamic republic said Nasr-Azadani was involved in two other crimes committed during the protests.

Reports from Iran suggest the footballer’s confession was coerced amid concerns that members of his family were forced to stay silent.

The footballer, however, has the liberty to appeal the judgment at the Supreme Court.

The Middle Eastern Arab nation also sentenced three more protesters to death after convicting them of killing security agents in the protests that began on September 17, 2022.