January 27, 2023

Get your PVC, prayers alone won’t change leadership – Iya Adura

Get your PVC, prayers alone won’t change leadership – Iya Adura

Founder of the Love of Christ Generation Church, Reverend Esther Ajayi, also known as Iya Adura has urged Christians to back their prayers with action by exercising their civic duties and voting to install their preferred leaders in the forthcoming general elections.

She made this known while fielding questions from journalists at an event. Rev Ajayi said, “My advice to Nigerians is to look at this card I’m holding, this is my PVC. It is your power. I wanted to talk to my people about it today but that didn’t happen because I had to come here. It’s my agenda for our meeting next week.”

Again, she added, “the PVC is your power, don’t lose it. Go and vote. That’s the only way you can change whoever is leading. At least your conscience tells you that you’ve got to vote. So, go and vote!”

She didn’t disparage the importance of prayers but emphasized that prayers alone won’t change leadership.

“Prayer will help you. Prayer is important, but when you carry out the practical aspect of prayer it enhances the prayer, and makes it go straight to God,” she quipped.

In a separate incident, she hinted on how Nigerians could navigate the year 2023 successfully in a press release as she welcomes the body of Christ to what she termed “2023: the Year of Possessing My Possessions.”

She admonished Christians in a statement to be more graceful, and more loving. The cleric quoted the Bible, citing Love as the principal virtue.

She called on Christians to develop and nurture relationships because that is what Christ would do. Yes, one must “be mindful of acquaintances with ulterior motives, but as much as possible have peace with all men. There is a place for healthy interpersonal relationship. That’s what Hebrews 12:14 tells us.

“That is the counsel of God, and the benefits are not just personal. It goes a long way,” the cleric added.

She also averred that globally, times are hard. But in response to the economic difficulty Christians ought to stay prayerful and try to improve on their approach to evolving innovations and technologies.

“Times are changing fast, and unemployment rate is increasing. Even well-educated people are finding it difficult to get jobs, and this puts extra strains on families. But with prayers and the right attitude to emerging fields and current technologies, I’m sure Nigerians will have better chances in 2023,” she added.