January 23, 2023

Founder reckons environmental protection impact made by Wura Tech

Founder reckons environmental protection impact made by Wura Tech
By Miftaudeen Raji

Global warming is a crucial issue globally, and it is not unrelated to waste management which is one of its leading causes.

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), waste reduction and proper waste management are important tools in the fight against climate change. 

By reducing the amount of waste we produce and properly managing the waste that is produced, greenhouse gas emissions can significantly be reduced and help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Against this background, founder of Wura, a gifting platform, Damilola Kadiri has reckoned with the environmental protection impact made by the company.

In a statement, Kadiri said Wura became part of this target by making the environment safer through recycling thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

He noted that through Wura, users can share things they no longer need, such as clothes, books, shoes, pieces of jewellery, and electronics. As long as the item is in good condition, they are welcome on Wura.

He said, “To post or recover items on Wura, users must register on the app and abide by its golden rules. All items are free, and users are asked to report anyone selling items through Wura. 

“Also, users are cautioned to receive items only from people with profile pictures. Users are to request with compassionate words and show appreciation.”

According to Kadiri, Wura made its debut in December last year with 354 registered users and 47 donations.

“Over the past year of its debut, our users have grown to over 2000, majorly in Lagos, Nigeria. In terms of our impact thus far, we have exchanged 90 items and saved an average of 2501.84kg of CO2 emissions,” he said.

He noted that Wura’s global goal is to positively impact the world at large by showing them how everyday actions affect the environment.

Kadiri, however, said there are no plans to commercialize the app for the time being. “For now, we are looking at increasing the number of transactions on the app and sign-ups, then over time, what we intend to do is promote sustainability businesses. That would be an avenue for us to generate profit. The idea is to change people’s behaviour to be eco-friendly.

“The app is available on android and iOS. Considering this is the season of giving, you stand a chance to win a gift when you give this month on Wura,” he added.