January 2, 2023

Delta community threatens to shutdown oil company’s operations over neglect

Why Okpe should produce the next governor of Delta State

By Akpokona Omafuaire

WARRI – THE Igbuku oil rich community of Delta State has petitioned the state government over alleged neglect by Pillar Oil Limited, threatening a shut down of operations if their grievance is not addressed.

The community in a petition signed by Prince Mike Enebeli and obtained by Vanguard said it stands by its earlier resolution sent to the government.

It reads in part, “We hereby unanimously resolved and state categorically and openly as follows: That we strongly stand by our open and wide circulated resolution/protest letter dated 23/11/2022 addressed to the Delta State Ministry of Oil and Gas, and we shall always rely on the said resolution/protest letter.

“That we strongly/passionately call and appeal to the Delta State Government/Ministry of Oil and Gas to urgently and kindly review the unacceptable, unbinding/illegal resolution/communique dated 28|11|2022 agreed upon without the representation and input of the Okpala-Uku/Royal Ekegu Family (The LandLord of Igbuku Land/Community and ILT).

“Therefore, the conscience of the Honorable Commissioner and his cabinet members should be pricked over the level of monumental injustice, oppression, suppression, manipulation, marginalization and aberration in Igbuku Land.

“That it should be noted the Okpala-Uku have earlier issued Power of Attorney to IT led by Prince Mike Obiafuwa Enebell, Chief Henry Omem, Mr Neville Omasanuwa and our Authorized lawyers to represent Igbuku kingdom in all matters, including Oil and Gas Matter concerning Igbuku kingdom. 

“That it should be noted that as a reaction to our above letter dated 26/10/2017 addressed to the Managing Director of Pillar Oil Limited, the MD sent one Moses to the Okpala-Uku. The said Moses had discussion with the Okpala-Uku on matters under discussion. 

“But five years has gone with nothing from the Hostile/Oppressive Management of Pillar Oil Limited till date in respect of the Okpala-Uku’s complaint letter.

“That it should also be noted that the Okpala-Uku and the Indigenous Igbuku people are not against Pillar Oil Limited Oil and Gas operations in our God given Igbuku Land, but we are unhappy with the fact that, our Royal Father/Old man, the Okpala-Uku is totally disregarded and disrespected by the Delta State Government and Pillar Oil Management and their collaborators/oppressors in Igbuku land and beyond.

“We call and warn Pillar Oil Limited, Nigeria Agip Oil Company Limited and Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited which are operating and having Oil and Gas wells/locations, pipelines etc in Igbuku land and the general public to be wary of the antics of some intruders.

“We shall highly appreciate your understanding and expeditious reply /intervention and abatement of the hostile/oppressive and provocative and illegal activities of Pillar Oil Management and their collaborators/oppressors in Igbuku kingdom and beyond.” It added.