January 6, 2023

British ex-boxing champ, Oboh, pleads with Sir Justin to intervene in Ukraine-Russian war

The ex-British and Commonwealth  boxing champion, Peter Oboh, has pleaded with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Justin Welby, to intercede for peace in the Ukraine and Russia conflict.

Oboh said if Sir Justin, who he said is one of the most influencial cleric in the world today, intervenes, solutions might begin to emerge to the conflict that has affected the world negatively.

The former pugilist-turned cleric said: “Febuary this year will make it a year of fighting without a winner.

“The war has brought only sorrow and deaths on both side. To be realistic, if Russia says it’s okay for Ukraine to join NATO, instantly peace will come.

“Also, if Ukraine says they are willing to remain with Russia, peace will come instantly.

“The big issue now is who will make the first peace move. Even Russia is now pleading with Ukraine for a cease-fire because of the Russian Christmas of 7 January.

“One thing we must know in life through history and experience is that sometimes we have to let pride go and accept defeat so that we can later be victorious.

“We must remember the Vietnam war over 50 years ago. USA had to pull out from the war after many died so that American leaders can win the heart of their citizen back.

“The great late Mohammed Ali at that time asked how can he, a black man, help a white man to kill a yellow man.

“So it’s time men of influence and spiritual symbols, such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Justin, intervened in this conflict.”