January 15, 2023

Beware of impostors, ex-militants alert NNPC, set to deal with fake agitators

Force of Egbesu


A group, the Association of Niger Delta Generals, ANDG has called on the Federal Government to beware of those it described as fake, self-acclaimed ex-militant leaders in the Niger Delta region, saying such persons are denting the image of ex-agitators in the region.

ANDG decried a recent threat issued by a group it described as unknown, to bomb Otorogun Gas Plant and other oil facilities lying within OML30 and OML 34 on account of which the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited, NNPCL allegedly attempted negotiation with the group, saying, “Such action causes embarrassment to the entire broad spectrum of the beneficiary of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, which they all accepted in good faith for peace to reign in the region.”

ANDG, drawn from the ranks of Phase 2 Amnesty leaders, the Joseph Figbele-led ex-militant generals, in a statement issued in Ughelli, the headquarters of Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State, said it is aware that some ‘faceless persons’ often connive with highly-placed individuals to blackmail the NNPCL and Urhobo leaders for personal gains.

“This act,” the group added, “should be condemned by all.”

According to ANDG, “Holding discussions with ‘agents of discord’ is to encourage criminalities and spur others into engaging in such unsavoury venture of blackmail and trouble stoking in the region and such negotiation is not without its dire consequences.”

“The security surveillance contract awarded a notable senator, who is also the gubernatorial candidate of a party in the state,” the group said, “was carefully, rightly done by the NNPCL and generally accepted by the people of Urhobo and Isoko lands adding that, no ‘barefooted threats’ should sway the government into entertaining any ‘blackmailer’, who ekes a living under the veneer of blackmail.”

“The NNPCL should, through the Amnesty Office, demand to know every individual with the charismatic authority to issue a statement or threats to sabotage the common heritage of the people,” adding that, “enough is enough for such individuals who it said are not even known among notable leaders in the Amnesty Programme.”

“Threatening to bomb oil facilities,” the Figbele group said, “should attract punitive measures, rather than pampering or giving attention to ‘minions’ within the Niger Delta struggle,” saying, “DSP Ovie Omo-Agege remains the indisputable leader of the people of Urhoboland, and its group would stop at nothing to attack whoever the blackmailer is, while it advised the NNPCL and its subsidiary, National Petroleum Development Company, NPDC to beware of ‘unstable characters’, who misrepresents the interest of the Niger Delta ex-militants.”

The group said it will go through the right channel to commence negotiations with the NPDC to demand on behalf of the youths and persons in the region for jobs without issuing threats and causing panic to the government and residents.

“We won’t run down our leaders or cause dissensions for the purpose of personal enrichment flying the flag of Urhobo and Isoko nations,” Figbele said.

“The security agents,” the statement said, “Should go after whoever issues a threat to the government, particularly when such is unwarranted. Every citizen has the right to bid and be awarded the contract, and the same is not an exclusive preserve of anybody.”

“We have been quiet enough while disgruntled elements drag our leaders to the mud with the aim of demanding patronage from the government. We know them, and at the right time, such individuals who threaten the peace in the region will be fished out and handed over to the security agents. Nobody has the monopoly of threats or blackmail, should such disgruntled and badly brought up individuals with bad consciences continue in their act of ignominy, we won’t hesitate to visit mayhem on such a person who parades security orderlies attacking the peace of the region. We know them and their families, whoever tampers with the national patrimony in our corridors won’t go scot-free.

The duo of Figbele and Abraham Ekokotu, who signed the statement, noted that the group would do everything possible to sensitise the people of Urhoboland on the need to shun violence and protect oil facilities in their domains stressing that the FG is doing its best to build a new nation of people with a culture of peace adding that, its only in an environment of peace development can thrive.

“We have opened genuine discussions with the authorities to give more attention to Urhobo land on account of the surging youth population and the need to develop and grow the new generation of Urhobo Youths. We represent the genuine ex-militants, we are agents of peace, we won’t pull anyone down on our way to climb up, our leaders must be respected and honoured, our group is not self serving, the interest of Urhobo and Isoko nation to us, is Paramount and we shall do everything possible to maintain peace in our communities.

Recall that, a group, the Isourhobo Bombers had issued a 7-day ultimatum to the NNPCL to reverse the oil pipelines surveillance contract awarded Zane Energy, a company owned by Jimmy Omo-Agege who is a younger brother to the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege demanding same contract for themselves.

However, the ‘General’ Titus Deadman suspended the 7-day ultimatum following the alleged intervention of the Interim Co-ordinator of the Amnesty Programme, General Barry Ndiomu (rtd.)