January 15, 2023

Before ObiDatti movement, Nigeria was headed for destruction — Utomi

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By Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja

Renowned political economist, and chieftain of the Labour Party, LP, Professor Pat Utomi, has said before the emergence of the ‘ObidDatti’ political movement, “the deep roots of bad leadership in Nigeria had purposed it for a free ride down the slope of destruction.”

Utomi who is also the convener of The Big Tent, (The Independent Campaign Council), said this when different support groups for the ObiDatti campaign converged at the nation’s capital, in Abuja.

The conference hosted by The Big Tent, one of the largest single independent body of support groups with a stand-alone campaign council for the ObiDatti Campaign, was organized to harmonize relations between the support groups, resolve all pending issues, build synergy in objectives and efforts of supports groups, as well as unveil activities and programmes for the remainder of the campaign period.

According to Utomi prior to the emergence of the movement, the deep roots of bad leadership in Nigeria had purposed it for a free ride down the slope of destruction.

Prof. Pat Utomi who presented certificate to support groups during the interactive session,
described the Obidient Movement as Nigeria’s hope.

On his part, delivering an opening speech, titled: “Maximizing Our Strength in Numbers through Synergy and Coordination”, the director, Big Tent Support Groups Council, Arc. Dr. Peter Agada, explained the importance of cooperation and coordination between support groups stating that it is the only way to, “take our country back.”

Commenting on the need to revive the organic following that greeted the campaign in the second half of last year creating what is now known as the Obidient movement, he said: “We must ensure that the energy and vibrancy that took Nigeria and indeed the world by
storms in July, August and September, returns in the countdown to the elections.”

He, however, assured the support groups that their concerns will be given due attention encouraging them to intensify their efforts in the campaign and to “leave with renewed resolve, energy and determination.”

Also, the Director-General of the Independent Campaign Council, ICC, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulkarim Huseini, commended the conveners for their strong resolve and dedication to the task of reclaiming Nigeria.

He explained that the struggle is for the birth of a new Nigeria devoid of ethnic and religious sentiments which is contributing to the stunting of the nation’s growth as a regional and global power.

He dismissed the argument in support of the muslim-muslim ticket of the APC and the northern presidential bid of the PDP, stating that they abused every sense of fairness and order.

He encouraged the support groups to reach out to the principal officers of The Big Tent and Independent Campaign Council assuring that all issues with local Labour Party chapters will be resolved.

A special call was made by the Director-General, ObiDatti Presidential Campaign organization, Mr. Balogun Akin Osuntokun, for the conveners to pilot the affairs of their groups in line with the ideology of the ObiDatti campaign.

Speaking through his representative, Dr. Adeshina Fagbenro, the DG explained that the campaign is run on a unique ideology alien to the current status quo of practice and behaviour in our political arena hence the many attacks from the opposition.

He maintained that till date no one has been able to tender any allegation of mismanagement of public funds against Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate, Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.

He insisted that the Obidient movement ‘became’ just at the nip of time. He encouraged the conveners to continue on the current path as it is the one that will lead Nigeria to the green fields of prosperity.

National Coordinator, Dr. Moses Ogidi Paul, Yell Out Nigeria, and member, ObiDatti Presidential Campaign Council, and The Big Tent, explained the levels and distribution of support groups across the ObiDatti campaign architecture.

He said: “there are essentially five pockets where support groups are warehoused within the ObiDatti Campaign: the Labour Party, ObiDatti Presidential Campaign Organization, Big Tent (aka ICC), support groups working with Mrs. Aisha Yesufu and other notable voices in the campaign and Obidients in other political parties notably APC and PDP.”

He also introduced Voterthon, an initiative of Yell Out Nigeria. The programme is a FiT2FiX Nigeria walkathon that requires voter citizens to take 10, 000 steps signifying the journey to secure the unity and prosperity of a new Nigeria with the leadership of ObiDatti. He enjoined the support group conveners and all Obidients to join the walk every Saturday morning.

The event was attended by hundreds of support groups from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Some of the support groups issued certificates include UPNorth, Take Back Naija, Doctors for Peter Obi, Lawyers for Peter Obi, Barr. Uche Anyanwu & Kogi State Obidients for Peter Obi among others. The event witnessed an energetic dance performance by a cultural troupe from Niger state and a musical performance.