December 3, 2022

youth tasked on need to chase away bad leaders


The Arrow head of God’s kingdom on Earth, Elder Ayodeji Mofolorunso-Ogunjobi has urged Nigerian youths to chase away leaders that have played negative role in Africa’s development.

Ogunjobi in a statement said: ” the Youths of Nigeria/Africa have the mandate of the Creator to organize and chase away the past and present members of the Societal Elite who have played  negative roles in the development of the Continent

“In Nigeria they should pelt politicians who still organize campaign rallies with rotten tomatoes at the venues of such rallies.

“Youths and street urchins who are being used as agberos and campaign thugs should stop forthwith and those that cannot be gainfully employed in the cities should move back to the villages where arrangements will be made for their welfare soonest .

“The Societal Elites do not have a clue to solving the problems of the Society. They are interested in power for massaging their egos, ammassing wealth, taking care of their kith, kin, stooges, caucuses and cabals under the smokescreen of Democracy.

“It’s time for the Youths to ask for a drastic change. It’s time for them to ask for a new lease of life. It’s time for them to demand for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth . It’s time for them to Embrace Theaocracy.”