December 1, 2022

Vanguard annual prayer, thanksgiving: Nigeria needs righteous, not religious leader —TACN National Evangelist

Only creative thinkers can survive tough times—Adefaye

By Providence Ayanfeoluwa, Prudence George & Mmesoma Nwafor

THE National Evangelist of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, TACN, Pastor Michael Oke, yesterday, said Nigeria needs a righteous ruler at this time, adding that a righteous leader is not necessarily a religious leader.

He said this in an interview before his ministration at the Vanguard Media Christian Fellowship annual end-of-year Thanksgiving Service with the theme: ‘Every Yoke Must Be Destroyed’.

The theme was taken from Isaiah 10, verse 27.

The cleric said: “Nigeria needs a righteous ruler this time around, because the Bible says that when the righteous man is on the throne people rejoice, so definitely if the unrighteous man is on the throne people will mourn, and we do not want to mourn in this country again. So, our prayer is for a righteous ruler, and when we talk about a righteous ruler, we are not talking about a religious ruler.

“When it comes to the righteous leader, it will not necessarily be a religious leader, it can come from either the Christian or Muslim faith but God knows the heart just as we are. We are created differently and we are created uniquely.

“God knows the kind of heart you have, He knows the kind of heart I have, he knows the kind of heart everybody has; so God knows the man that would set this country free. That is the kind of leader we are praying for.”

Times are tough, only creative thinkers will survive —Adefaye

In his remarks, the General Manager/Editor-in-Chief of Vanguard Media Limited, Mr Gbenga Adefaye, said though the times are tough globally, creative thinkers would survive the times.

Adefaye said: “This is an annual event that I look forward to because it is a time to look back and praise God. I reassure everybody that if there are only three papers left standing, Vanguard would be one of them. “What I want to add is that if there would be only one newspaper standing in Nigeria, it would be Vanguard.

“Times are tough and it is not just tough in Vanguard or the newspaper, times are tough for the entire world; times are tough for the country and in our individual lives, we feel it. The last time I checked with my wife when I asked her how much a bag of rice is, she said N52, 000. That tells you how tough times are.

“So times are tough for businesses, but only those that are creative, thinking out of the box, putting in their best, understanding the elements would survive. I can reassure people here that, to the ability of the management of this company, the thinking caps are on, we would be there, we would survive, we would thrive, succeed and everybody would be happy.

“I urge you to keep fighting on, keep the fire burning, when you are doing your best, look up privately and individually and as groups look up to God to increase your effort and I believe our efforts would be granted success.”

In his welcome address, the Coordinator of the VMCF, Overseer Emmanuel Emmanuel said that thanksgiving is key to Vanguard media.

He urged the workers to be sincere in their service and urged the management to reciprocate the gesture by making the workers happy.

Emmanuel said: “Let everyone work knowing that there is someone who sees and hears the thought of your heart. Vanguard will not go moribund.”