By Ada Osadebe

Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has faulted Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko over promoting polygamy in the southern part of Nigeria.

In a recent interview, Nwoko accused men in the southern part of Nigeria of contributing to the high state of immorality in society, because they choose not to marry more than one wife.

Uche Maduagwu, who disagreed with the comment, slammed Ned on his Instagram page on Monday, saying that while other politicians were busy ensuring that their states had the basic necessities, Nwoko was busy encouraging men to engage in polygamy.

He wrote, “I wept bitterly after reading your interview, especially on your preposterous view on polygamy.

“Other politicians are serving their people by building roads, hospitals and schools, Oga Ned dey allegedly say his serving Nigeria by marrying many wives.

“Jesus wept. Even your views about southern men not accepting polygamy is laughable, because in (1 Kings 11:3), King Solomon had 700 beautiful wives. But did it stop him from going out with 300 other women he was not married to”?

He further revealed that he has a problem with the way Ned treats his other wives, noting how Regina was always seen at public events and gatherings and not with his other wives.

He wrote, “Dear Oga Ned, if polygamy works for you, fine, but stop disrespecting southern Christian men who choose to be contented with one wife according to their Christian faith, with your ridiculous polygamy lecture.

“If you are so proud of your polygamy, how come na only Regina you allegedly carry go campaign and not all your beautiful Iyawos together?

“Delta State youths need employment and job creation, not polygamy lecture.”


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