December 8, 2022

Top 5 video games with best campaign modes in 2022

By Seyifunmi Awobiyi

Games are one of the best ways to relax the mind after a stressful day or a healthy method of whiling away the time.

There are many video games out there but only a few ones can be considered ‘top-notch’.

With the year running to an end, the Game Of The Year awards will announce its winners on December 8th.

Here are our top 5 games with great story modes:

God of War

1. God of War: Ragnarok

Kratos and his son Atreus have returned to embark on another great and painful adventure. God of War has always been a fantastic game on every release. Its first release by Santa Monica studios was on March 22, 2005, and has had 6 campaigns on console games since 17 years ago. The game has to be the best game to have a very cool Greek mythology campaign mode ever.

God of War: Ragnarok is available on Playstation only actually only the PS4 and PS5 with an age rating of 18+. Takes about 36 hours of average playing before the campaign ends.

2. Elden Ring

Elden ring has been a game on every gamer’s mouth this year and is one the favorite to win the Game of the Year award. Its open-world campaign storytelling and challenges are so extraordinary alongside the crazy and color-enriched boss fights and realistic destruction in the environments during fights.

Edlen Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S with a rough average playtime of 77 hours.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Activision Blizzard has collaborated with Infinity ward once again to reboot Modern Warfare 2 in a remastered story. The remastered version has had numerous good reviews from different game pundits. Its realism and detail of an actual warzone are what make this game a very good one. The story of the remastered has been rated in a way better than the original which had a lot of plot twists and painful main character death. The game is also called warzone 2.0 because of its multiplayer battle royale mode.

The game is made available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with about 16 hours to complete the campaign(the battle royal mode is also available).

4. A Plague Tale: Requiem

This game has been rated as one of the best campaign stories of the year. The game had an earlier part named ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ it is highly recommended to be played before playing the second part unless the story will make no sense. Its story mode is very interesting with fights coming at any point in the game.

Requiem takes about 16 hours to complete with 16 chapters in the story, the game is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and in Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon’s world a post-apocalyptic rendition of the American west is worth checking out, whether you end up finding a surprisingly complex tactical mini-game or the first mission in a riveting chain of side-quests. This is the second chapter of Horizon the first being ‘Horin Zero dawn’ released in 2017. The game has great graphics and a unique story mode.

Available only on PS4 and PS5