December 4, 2022

Sex doesn’t work without trust – Actress Mojisola Adebanjo

Sex doesn’t work without trust – Actress Mojisola Adebanjo

By Ayo Onikoyi

Having sex entails different things from different people because everyone has their tie-breaker or tie-maker. For delectable actress, Mojisola Adebanjo, known simply on Instagram as Jisola, sex is not a trivial thing but something deeper to connect two minds on the same emotional wavelength. Chatting with Potpourri she bares her mind on what sex means to her.

“It is a mutual thing. It’s a sign of letting someone get close to us on the deepest and most intimate level possible. It teaches one a lot about their partner, it requires sincere communication and it doesn’t work without trust. it’s a big responsibility and it requires both to stay engaged the entire time,” she said.

Jisola goes further by highlighting what a relationship should be all about, saying it should be something pure between two people.

“A relationship should be something really pure between two people. For me, being with someone you can share all your problems and fears goes a long way in a relationship. Relationships are something we build, it’s not that easy to maintain because it requires patience, understanding , acceptance, honesty and communication and also letting our partner know how we feel without using hurtful words,” she said.

Mojisola Adebanjo confessed that she was almost thrown into depression at the early stage of her career as things were not moving as fast as she had envisaged, having quit her regular job to take a full plunge into acting.

Jisola has featured in the series, Corpers Lodge and other films like Lugard, The Therapist and many others.