By Candida

BARELY a year after she changed jobs, Abi was excited when she was picked as one of the four executives for a one-week course at a posh hotel. 

“The course was an intensive one,” explained Abi, 45, “privately organised and very exhaustive.  Sitting in a classroom again was a bizarre feeling – I hadn’t been in school for over 20 years. 

“And even more bizarre, I’d developed a massive crush on the course coordinator, Patrick.  He was about 45, but was he handsome!?

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“He was as friendly as he was professional and whenever he singled me out in the class, I became flustered.  He teased me endlessly too.

“The day I turned up early and dropped an apple core into the bin, he smiled and asked: ‘Shouldn’t you bring apples for the teacher as well?’

“I giggled back as it dawned on me that Patrick must have realised I fancied him rotten.  But he was far too professional to ever say anything.

“It was a relief, even if I was a little disappointed that nothing would ever happen between us.  Besides, I was a married mother of two, living in the real adult world – not a teenage fantasy.

“At the end of the course, all 16 participants went with Patrick for a celebratory meal at the hotel’s night  club.

“After dinner, the place became a bit raucous as more glasses of red wine were downed.  When the club’s band started playing, we were all trying drunken moves on the dance floor when Patrick grabbed my hand and drew me up to him.

“As our bodies pressed together, I became very excited.  He looked at me lustily and complimented me on my moves.  I almost fell over, the jolt of lust inside me was so powerful.

“He liked me too!  As he held me closer, I didn’t discourage him.  He was so toned and muscular, his aftershave very heady.

“’Meet me outside’,” he whispered in my ear.  He then left after a few minutes, making his exit through the back door where he wouldn’t be noticed.

“I quickly grabbed my mobile and headed outside to ‘make a call’.  He told me the number of his room and told me to take the lift whilst he took the stairs.

“As soon as I knocked on the door, he dragged me in and we were in each other’s arms, kissing like hormonal adolescents.  ‘I could get fired for this,’ he teased.  Assuring him no one would ever find out, we continued with our passionate kiss.

“He then disentangled himself and started peeling off my top and skirt, his expert hands making my skin tingle.  ‘You have a lovely body,’ he whispered.  Thank goodness he didn’t say anything about me being married.  That would have killed the passion.

“He then led me to the bed and started unbuttoning his jeans as I watched excitedly.  What I saw drove out any doubts I could have had and the love making was slow and intense. 

“We were both on fire with lust – it was the best sex I’d had in ages.  Afterwards, I couldn’t stop smiling as I lay breathless in his arms.  I’d finally had this wonderful specimen of a man.  I felt so triumphant.

“I dressed quickly and made my way home.  My husband knew we would be wrapping up the course with some social events and was already in bed when I arrived.  I gave him a run down of how things went – the version I wanted him to hear.

“The following morning, as I made my way to the hotel for the course’s participating certificate, my mobile blipped: ‘That was an amazing night! See you in class …’

“I grinned as I made my way to the class, didn’t give anything away as we all exchanged addresses and promised to get in touch.

“Patrick managed to slip a note into my hand – I should meet him in his room.  The excitement was back!

“That was a few months ago and we still manage to keep our affair a strict secret or Patrick could be in trouble and my marriage on shaky grounds.

“In the meantime, any time Patrick is involved in any of these sandwich courses, we will meet at his convenient hotel room and fulfill all my wildest fantasies.

“The affair is a dream come true.  But I know it has to end soon – for the sanity of the two of us.”


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