December 15, 2022

I’ve come too far to give up – VGH Boss

I’ve come too far to give up – VGH Boss

The enviable things of life are results of courage, valiancy, as well as learning from failure. Successful people dare challenges that make ordinary humans take flight. They are masters of magically turning failure into breakthrough at every point of call.

Many things summarise the business sojourn of the CEO of VGH Group, Okafor Chinedu Emmanuel, fondly known as VGH Boss. The group comprises Industrial Production, VGH Homes Limited and VGH Music, VGH BOSS is comprehensively furnished with the true spirit of entrepreneurship. They say if you jump in the pool, you can either swim or drown, it is completely up to you. If you are unable to swim, you need to learn to swim. He proved his mettle as an extreme risk taker and with persistence, he was able to scale several heights.

VGH BOSS is a leader in Nigeria and Africa’s recycling industry. It could only have taken a highly celebral and deep thinking strategist to come to the knowledge that the country was sitting on an untapped gold mine; the huge pile of plastic wastes littered at dump sites scattered across the continent’s largest market.

Okafor Chinedu Emmanuel became the pathfinder for the other players in the Nigerian recycling business. VGH Industrial Production became the leading brand in the industry and in manufacturing of nylon and plastic products. The serial investor has massively contributed to the growth of the sector, and ultimately boosting the private sector.

VGH BOSS is also  transforming the nation’s real estate sector through VGH Homes Limited. With operations majorly in the south; Lagos, Anambra, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the firm has undertaken several housing projects, driven by its vision of affordable and quality housing for every Nigerian, and assisting the government in the quest to drastically reduce the mass deficit in accommodation, triggered by population explosion.

VGH BOSS is a firm believer in the empowerment of youths as a catalyst for economic growth and development. Apart from creating jobs for unemployed youths, he is also raising tomorrow’s music stars. The VGH Music founder established the record label to give a global voice to young Nigerian music talents. Rising singers, Crayon and Somto, are signees on the record label.

Shrewd, calculative, smart and cerebral are some of the words close to describing VGH BOSS. His success in all the fields of the economy the company is registered has perseverance engraved all over it. In a recent post to his social media, he reminded those striving for breakthrough, never to stop trying.
“We’ve come too far to give up who we are,” he wrote.