December 4, 2022

I’m not into acting to make money – Temidayo Babatunde

By Ayo Onikoyi

Beautiful actress, Temidayo Babatunde has a look of grandeur and opulence about her, not only because she drives a Range Rover Evoque but also because of her sense of style and carriage. She’s your typical rich actress who must have made a fortune interpreting roles on the screen. But that’s not the case for her.

In her chat with Potpourri, she opened up on her source of income.

“Acting doesn’t pay my bills. I have some other things that do that for me. Besides, I am not into acting because I want to make money. I do it because I have passion for it. So, whether it pays my bills or not, I don’t mind because that’s not the primary objective,” she said.

“I have sacrificed working in a good organisation with a good salary structure for acting. I have used huge money I could have invested in good businesses for good profit to produce films where I didn’t make as much profit. Acting for me is all about pure passion,” she added.

Regardless of her undying passion for the cameras, Temidayo has had her own share of sweet and sour memories. And she shared one particular unforgettable one with Potpourri:

“I was called for a job in Ibadan from Lagos. After spending two days on location rehearsing my character and waiting for my turn to act my role, they gave my supposed character to a lady because her father is a top-notch actor in the industry without telling me. I felt extremely embarrassed. I noticed I was totally ignored. When I called the attention of the producer and director I was told my character had been given out to a lady that just came in. After much confrontation and argument, the director pleaded and gave me a role to feature in.. But I can never forget that experience in my life.