December 6, 2022

Hardworking driver rewarded with brand-new car in Bolt’s Drivers’ League Competition

After three years of driving on Bolt with a used car, Ajibade Ademola won a brand-new car in the recently concluded Bolt Drivers’ League challenge.

According to Ajibade, this is the first time he is driving a new car and it enables him to become his own boss. In the 2022 edition of Bolt Driver’s League Challenge, the leading mobility platform rewarded two drivers with brand new automobiles as part of its advocacy for service excellence and the continuous improvement of its driver incentives program.

In this chat with Ajibade Ademola, one of the winners of a brand-new car, he shares his story and how the awarded car has helped his income substantially.

Please can you kindly introduce yourself?

My name is Ajibade Ademola. I used to work in the transport industry before I decided to become my own boss and drive on Bolt. I got introduced to Bolt by a friend, and I have been driving on the platform for about three years now.

How did you learn about the Drivers’ League competition?

They sent me text messages about the competition and the requirements, so I joined. As a hardworking person, there is no week I don’t complete more than 120 – 130 trips. With this drive, I believe I had a good chance to win the competition. There were no hidden conditions to in the challenge. Just work hard and then you qualify for the competition.

What was the experience like participating in this challenge?

I had quite an interesting experience during the competition. There are some challenges I faced but there’s no success without experiencing challenges. And when things like that happen, Bolt have made it so easy for drivers to report different cases so I’m grateful to them.

What has been your experience so far with Bolt?

Bolt is a nice platform. They take adequate care of the drivers and the passengers. If you are diligent as a driver, you will find driving on Bolt to be very beneficial. I have personally benefited a lot from Bolt such as washing machine and so many other things. I was so excited when I got a call that I was a car winner in the Drivers’ League competition.

Talk to us how you felt when you found out that you were a winner.

I shouted so loud! I called my wife and my first son that I just won a car and even the person that was beside me at the time was shocked the way I screamed.  For the next two weeks, I kept anticipating a follow-up call to come and receive the car. I later received a call and an email asking me to come over to the Bolt office to receive the brand-new car. Even till now, I am still very excited.

Now that you are the winner of the brand-new car, what are your plans?

My plan is to work harder than before. For example, once you reward a child for good grades, they’ll be motivated to do better that is the same thing with this. My own target is do way better than before maybe I will win a house in the nearest future because I’m still very young and eager to work. I went from driving a used car to winning a brand-new car so maybe I will win a house next.

Were there any commitments required from Bolt?

Bolt didn’t require anything from me. Absolutely nothing was requested before winning this.

What advice would you give to current drivers on Bolt or other drivers aspiring to drive on Bolt?

The advice I will give is avoid cheating. If you can be dedicated and diligent it will pay off in due time just like when I won a washing machine for example. I just got a random call from them that I have been rewarded for my hard work and consistency and I called my wife immediately to celebrate. Once you are dedicated you will see rewards.

Do you have any words for the Bolt team?

Ah! I want to say a very big thank you to them and I can’t even thank them enough with words. This is the first time I am driving a brand-new car and I am extremely grateful to them for making that possible.