December 17, 2022

‘Far from home’ – Netflix movie review

‘Far from home’ – Netflix movie review

By Ada Osadebe

In the past few years, Netflix has made a significant investment in Nigeria’s Nollywood film and TV sector. Its most recent series is a young adult drama set at a prestigious private school in the nation. Yes, that does appear to be a rather typical premise these days. Will the show genuinely explore topics related to class disparities in the nation, or will it be another YA soap opera?

A fancy art opening is approached by an automobile. The featured actor, Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), leaves. Ishaya then awakens and finds himself in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, at his parents’ home.

Ishaya doesn’t attend school and instead works three jobs to save money for a prestigious artist’s fellowship in London. His parents Patricia (Funke Akindele) and Ishaya Sr. (Paul Adams) encourage him to put his academic goals ahead of his aspirations to become a musician.

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An advertisement for an open application period for the famous Wilmer School, where a scholarship is being offered, is spotted by his sister Rahilia (Tomi Ojo). When she learns she can’t, he offers to go with her, but she doesn’t even apply.

Ishaya becomes desperate as his family uses money from his savings to help one of his father’s numerous medical problems. He overhears a father explaining to his kid Denrele (Raymond) at one of Patricia’s posh cleaning clients’ residence.

He overhears a father telling his son Denrele (Raymond Umenze) that he has the Wilmer admission exam answer key and that the scholarship comes with a $10,000 incentive at the home of one of Patricia’s wealthy cleaning clients (worth about 6 million Nigerian Naira).

Ishaya picks up the answer key after Denrele, who insists he can get in on his own, throws it away and comes up with a plan: He’ll ace the test, earn the scholarship, and once he has the $10,000, he’ll travel to London.

Even after witnessing club owner Government (Bucci Franklin) and his right-hand man, Oga Rambo (Bolanle Ninalowo), kill someone for “getting high on our supply” and feed the deceased guy to a hungry hyena, he decides to steal the application fee from the “money cage” of another boss.

Once he’s in, he comes up with inventive ways to obtain a transcript and have it confirmed. And he meets the scion of the Wilmer-Willoughby family Carmen Wilmer-Willoughby (Elma Mbadiwe) right away.