December 6, 2022

Tinubu dominates presidential campaigns – Patriots Roundtable

By Dapo Akinrefon

The Patriots Roundtable, on Tuesday, said that the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu remains the dominant issue in the 2023 presidential campaigns adding that he has worked hard for his towering political magnification.

Director-General of the group, Prince Uthman Shodipe -Dosunmu, in a statement titled ‘Tinubu : Beyond Chatham’, urged other presidential candidates to campaign with ideas, with visionary candor and commitment to nation building.

The statement reads: “Now that Chatham has gone and gradually being subsumed by other matters, we may now return to the persistent, unyielding reality : the fact that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the most dominant issue in this presidential campaign. We acknowledge this much with all sense of humility and riveting approbation.

“When a presidential candidate is the pivot of manufactured malice, when the candidate is the subject of untidy and undeserved opprobrium, when the candidate is the conjured ogre haunting the conscience of malignant characters- it is safe to attest that the candidate is of immense political value and importance that the nay-sayers find it convenient to pull down. 

“In truth, Tinubu has worked hard for his towering political magnification. He has earned his reputation and national stamp of political veneration from endless , untiring support for others ; from his instinctive willingness to groom a multifarious gallery of lieutenants, mentoring , graduating a powerful array of mentees into the highest acme of power in our nation and far beyond. 

“From the stretches of the howling desert of Jigawa to the mangroves of the Delta , from the Sudanian Savanna of Bauchi to the forest and the hills of Ondo, from Ekiti to the shores of the Atlantic in Lagos- Tinubu, like Tennyson tells us , has become a name.

“Intrinsic in the Tennysonian affirmation is the kindling of a stout heart, the stubborn, unyielding commitment to a good cause, the unfailing creative ardor, the powerful visionary steadfastness, unbowed and unbowing before the slings of hate and animadversion.

“Pray how many men can absorb the thronging barrage of calumny , the callous spate of hate, the crude eructation of venom without crumbling and folding up? 

“We do believe that there is a guiding star in all our firmament. We do agree that everyone is defined ultimately in some unfathomable womb of Heaven that none can alter. 

“As the days roll by and the election draws nearer , destiny beckons for Asiwaju. More often, power is thrust upon those who seek it not. For 22 years Tinubu has been much comfortable behind the scene galvanizing others to the upper echelon of power. He is now drafted by fate to contest for the greatest office in the land. If it is God’s willing, no mortal can alter this recourse. 

“Let others campaign with ideas, with visionary candor, with commitment to nation building and service rather than mingling in the dirty pool of calumny. Malice does not win elections. Planning, legacy, selfless commitment to the nation invariably decide the path to victory. 

“Tinubu keeps stomping from Abuja to Chatham and far beyond the furthest reaches of partisan extent in a grueling, exhausting and even punishing campaign , focused on the ultimate trophy, illuminating his ideas within the grip of fate, indifferent to the concourse of scurrility, steadfast and determined sure on the defined path.”