December 3, 2022

2022 Beauty West Africa records huge turnout of exhibitors, visitors

…as over 200 exhibitors showcase modern beauty products

By Gabriel Olawale

The 2022 Beauty West Africa exhibition has brought together local and international stakeholders across the beauty value chain to showcase modern beauty products in view of driving the economy,

The three-day show which ran from November 29 to 1st of December, saw thousands of visitors witnessing the creativity of beauty experts across the globe as they moved from one booth to another admiring beauty products.

Speaking with journalists, Managing Director of BtoB Events Limited, Jamie Hill, said that they are very delighted over the large turnout for the 4th edition of Beauty West African show in Lagos.

“I am very pleased with the turnout. We have expanded over the three halls of the Landmark Centre for the first time. And as I said, we have a record number of registrations of visitors and over 200 exhibitors showcasing their products. With this, we are now officially the largest professional beauty exhibitors on the African continent and that makes me very proud.

“I’m proud to say that we have a record number of Nigerian exhibitors here because we are trying to do our best to promote the ‘Made in Nigeria’ brand and promote exporting from Nigeria to other ECOWAS states.

Hill hinted that it was not easy setting up a show of such magnitude due to the economic situation of countries across the world, “it’s obvious after the pandemic, and the world has changed quite a lot. But the show offers a fantastic opportunity for buyers and sellers to come together and drive the market and industry forward.

“Last month, some of our partners here in Nigeria made us realise the value of the beauty market, now worth over one trillion naira, and that shows it’s a huge industry. I just hope people can come together to share knowledge on the way forward so that the economy can move to where it should be.

Meanwhile, several product managers, such as Feroze Khan of Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes, Nadeem Akhtar of COSMOPRO, Bielenda’s Karolina Biernacka and President, Practitioner of Beauty Association of Nigeria, Dr, Mary Charles all appreciate the organiser.