By Candida

IT’S never been wise to leap into a relationship on the rebound.  This Samantha found out the hard way.

“I was in love with my fiancé Mike.  I met him when I started work at the company we both worked with.  He had such a warm personality that we’d hit it off straightaway.

“He treated me like a princess from the word go and took me on dates to very interesting places and when he asked me to marry him, I agreed,” recalled Samantha.

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“It was shortly after that we started rowing over money.  I thought we should start saving for the wedding but Mike didn’t want to let go his independence and social life.

“The arguments went on and on – silly arguments but enough to come between us.  In the end we decided to cool things until we were both clear as what we wanted.

“It was weeks after that a friend told me Pious, with whom I’d had a casual fling years ago, was asking after me.  He would be a bit of fun, I thought, a welcome distraction.  So, I texted him and we agreed to meet at his flat.

“We were a bit nervous as we chatted about old times.  I couldn’t help but notice that Pious, now in his late 30s, was drinking a lot.  He had a slight menacing look on his face now, but after a pleasant evening reminiscing, I didn’t see any harm in giving him a chance.

“But it wasn’t easy.  He was a computer analyst and I was a matron in a teaching hospital, so it was hard for us to arrange convenient dates.  On top of which his boozing got worse and he could be nasty and menacing when he’s drunk.

“We were at a friend’s party one evening when I glanced his way and saw him giving me a murderous look.  What’s the matter with him now?  I thought.  What have I done and got myself into?

“As soon as we got to his place, I got out of his car and made for mine.  ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ he snarled, leaping out of the car and dragging me roughly across to his flat.

“I stared at him, shocked by what he was doing.  He grabbed at my boobs and squeezed hard.  ‘You want sex, right?’ he taunted.  ‘I saw you lusting after that jerk you were talking to at the party.  If you want sex, I’ll give you plenty?’

“I broke away from him and luckily, some of his neighbours heard the commotion and came out.  I dashed into my car and sped off.  Mike would never have dreamt of laying a finger on me, I cried sadly as I drove home.

“Pious was definitely in my past now, I resolved. He pleaded and promised to change, but those menacing looks he always wore when he was drunk helped make up my mind to give him a wide berth.

“He bombarded me with abusive text messages, calling me a slag and a whore and I had to report him to the Police so he could be warned to keep the peace.

“Meanwhile, Mike had started texting me again. After the nightmare of being with Pious, he was like a breath of fresh air.  I couldn’t contain my delight.  I invited him round to my flat and all of my old feelings for him came flooding back.

“We talked for hours about giving our relationship another go. Much later, it was too late for him to go home.  Since the next day was a Saturday, he slept over.

“I was trying to get breakfast the next morning when he came into the kitchen and started kissing me passionately.  It felt so good after all the stress Pious had put me though.  We were suddenly taken over by the passion of the moment and we started having sex right there in the kitchen.

“When it was over, Mike lifted me up and sat me on the work top.  The next thing I knew, there was terrible ear-splitting noise.  Heart thumping, I turned to the window.  The glass had been shattered and I knew instantly it was Pious – he was coming for revenge.

“What on earth would he do when he saw Mike here with me? Seconds later, he smashed his way into the flat.  He was clutching a stick and I froze in terror.  It was like something out of a horror movie! 

“Wide-eyed with fear,  I looked at Mike.  He leapt into action, covering up my naked body.  As he bent down to pull-up his trousers, Pious lugged at him, swinging the stick he had with him at Mike. I screamed as Pious started whacking him, his eyes cloudy with rage.  It was as if he’d been possessed by the devil.

“‘I saw you, you sex maniac’, he raged, ‘you were shagging my girl!’

“I continued screaming and tried to separate them but it was no good.  My small frame was simply swamped by the two big burly men fighting in my kitchen.

“Mike started to fight back. He was hitting Pious blow after blow, trying to save us from this maniac.  My screams must have attracted my co-tenants as a few of them rushed in to subdue Pious.  The thug ran off like the coward he was.

“I made a full report at the police station where I’d earlier reported him and he’s currently facing assault charges.  Mike and I are stronger than ever.

“Only, whenever I run into any of the neighbours who came to our rescue, I cringe.  Thanks to that monster, they now know how I look like naked!” 


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