November 26, 2022

Social media platforms and kind of women you meet there

Social media platforms and kind of women you meet there

By Biodun Busari

Social media has become an integral part of the daily routine life of many people in the world and Nigerians are not exempted.

They are websites and applications created for the purposes of interactions among people which include creating, sharing and exchanging information.

Some of the popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are used in Nigeria and they can be referred to as virtual communities and networks.

While, they can be used for business, politics, education, and career purposes, Nigerians have used them to engage in dating and romantic relationships.

For Nigerian men that want to meet ladies on social media, you should understand that different platforms have different types of women.


Most of the ladies on Facebook come from your primary friends. They are the people you know or are related to your friends or families. A higher percentage of women on these social media platform are usually friendly and courteous.

According to Statista, 43% of Nigerian Facebook users are female. And this shows that guys can meet enough women on Facebook.

The women on this platform tend to be respectful when you approach them especially when you have mutual friends. And serious relationships will mostly come from these kinds of girls or women.

However, all women deserve to be treated with respect including those on Facebook, just as when you meet girls physically. Respect begets respect.


About 10 million people Nigerians are using Instagram, and women are 4.1 million according to the latest data by Statista. These women use the platform to showcase their products and engage in entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, they use Instagram to exhibit their beauty, because the platform is the best veritable social media tool for women to share nice, attractive and posh pictures. Women get compliments often on IG, and they expect responsible men to approach them with respect and dignity.

Men should prepare for one thing, though – Instagram women are enterprising in nature. They might want to make sure the men appreciate their values and be certain before they give commitment. As a man, you need to convince them with sufficient proof.


The blue bird app is arguably the best social media platform for educative information. It is however the virtual community that has the most savagery users – including women.

Women on Twitter are usually friendly but don’t give in to a romantic relationship. It is strictly business on Twitter because the app is not mainly about your primary contacts. It is an avenue to meet diverse girls who just drop their tweets and posts and move on.

Twitter is like a market place and only a few women will agree to meet new guys which can lead to dating or relationships. Guys can have brilliant, bold and beautiful girls as friends on Twitter, but the majority of them will not settle for dating or any kind of intimacy.


TikTok babes are mostly free-styling and the majority of them are there for fun. Like Instagram, the female folks on TikTok can post attractive pictures and share videos to get men’s attention, but guys should understand that they are just catching a cruise as the say usually goes.

Guys shouldn’t expect women to engage in a serious relationship with them on TikTok. They may agree to duet your videos and offer a lot of intimacy on the app. They can also agree to share phone numbers with you for chats. Women on TikTok are usually fun to be with especially with their content.

While this is not applicable to all, the majority of them can also do a live video to do serious talks mostly bordering on romantic or dating affairs. Ladies on TikTok are raw. They don’t hide feelings and say it as it is. TikTok has become a popular social media app and women are flocking to it. So, guys who need blunt girls should look for them on TikTok.


The app is created for career and professional virtual communities. LinkedIn is where top women in banking, telecommunication, media and journalism, academia and the corporate world, in general, are found.

LinkedIn ladies are polite in their approach, like Twitter, the ladies you’ll find on this app are intellectuals, who really want to develop their careers and expand their networks of friends in the corporate space.

Women found on LinkedIn will most likely settle for dating and relationships if guys approaching are serious. It is easy for these women to go to guys’ profiles and study them to know the kind of person they are dealing with. This will also inform them whether it is the kind of guy they want to have for a relationship because to LinkedIn babes, a serious guy with a nice career or skill set is the real deal.


Girls on WhatsApp are primarily your contacts. They are the people you have probably met physically and exchanged contacts with, and there are high tendencies they will be friendly and accommodating when you chat them up.

The women on your WhatsApp can also come from groups you belong to which gives you an edge to ask them for dating or romantic relationships. Another good thing about women on your WhatsApp is that they frequently visit your status to know the kind of person you are and what your daily activities look like.

Without mincing words, the women on your WhatsApp are closer to you than on any other social media platforms and there’s a high possibility that they may consider men who come to them with ingenuity and genuineness to have something serious with them.

On WhatsApp, women come there to post their wares, feelings, activities, businesses and skills, and all these would inform your decision as a guy to make your choice.