November 21, 2022

Qatar has spoken through action – Hassan Al Thawadi

People are proud of the show they put up on the first day of the ongoing 2022 World Cup.

The stupendous opening ceremony and the opening game that went on amazingly sent strong signals throughout the world. 

As the world was thumbing for the seamless events of the day, the man behind it all, Hassan Al Thawadi fired the first shot. He leads the Supreme Committee for Legacy and Delivery, the body charged with the responsibility 

Of organising the 2022 World Cup. Delighted about the huge success of the first day he said: “The first message we send to the world today is our ability to accomplish the impossible on the ground.. nothing is impossible for us. As for the second message, we address it to every skeptic, telling them that we have actions, not words. I believe that what the world saw today through the World Cup opening ceremony is the best proof and response to these skeptics.”

In conclusion, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Committee  extended thanks to all those working on the World Cup projects, wishing everyone success in the tournament.