November 30, 2022

Polo Herbs to unveil organic remedy for cardiovascular disease, others

Nigeria’s manufacturer of natural health care products, Polo Herbs Pharmaceutical will on December 3, 2022, launch Polo Herbs into the global market at House 5 Scintilla Close, Alternative Rte, 105102, Lekki Chevron, Lagos State.

Polo Herbs Pharmaceutical will also unveil some of its top-notch products tested and certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administrationa and Control (NAFDAC) with RC: 2003302.

The remedies include interventions to lower the risk of heart attack by Nigerians, 100 percent organic reduction of sugar level in the body, solution to help women control their bladder, among others. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are two of the major killers in Nigeria and the world, and the insufficient health facility in the country has continue to leave a huge gap in the number of people who are left at the mercy of the deficit in healthcare, as well as unqualified doctors and usage of unapproved herbal products.

Polo Herbs is set to be a leading brand  in the country’s herbal market as it started as a family calling  back in 1989 by its late founder prophet Polo Johnson Ajayi From Ayetuma, Ogun State. The late visioner was endowed with healing hands by God, by which thousands of Nigerians have been cured by remedies and solutions made from various natural ingredients such as roots vegetables leaves natural waters & fruits; one of the many reasons the family decided to continue to with the legacy, impact and be a blessing to humanity.

With its quality, value and standard retained, Polo Herbs has been made to go through processes of remodification and innovation, in order to meet the 21st century healing needs of Nigerians and Africans, being undertaken by businessman and entreprenuer, Solomon Ajayi, CEO of TMY Media, producers of Polo Herbs.

The company’s herbal products and remedies are tested and manufactured from various natural ingredients, such as roots, vegetables, leaves, natural waters and fruits which researched and cultivated. Other health challenges Polo Herbs has found solutions to include: waist pain, appendicitis, erectile dysfunction, low libido, quick ejaculation, acids that causes Ulcer symptoms, loss of weight, irregular menstrual flowing, typhoid and malaria.

Speaking with reporters, Solomon Ajayi addressed the general notion about herbal treatment in Nigeria, lamenting that most practitioners are not interested in saving lives, which continuously raises the question about regulation.

He said that the focus on saving lives is one of the reasons Polo Herbs s different from other herbal products

“I can boldly say Polo Herbs is more natural and organic products and it’s not a third party product. It is different from any other herbal drinks you will see out there. We get all the natural ingredients from the forest as my late father prescribed and it works perfectly.

“We have a lot of testimonies from Nigerians who have use Polos Herbs to cure different illnesses but we don’t post them on social media because it’s was not something we planned as a business in the first place, and my late father never sold herbs; he always gave it free to heal sick people”, Solomon Ajayi added.