November 12, 2022

Okotie faults presidential 
candidates’ campaign promises

By Ishola Balogun

The chief exponent of restructuring and interim government campaigner, Rev Chris Okotie has picked holes in the campaign promises of the major presidential candidates in the 2023 general election.

His reaction coincided with the release of the manifestos of the two major political parties – the APC and the PDP.

Speaking as a guest on Jordan FM radio programme, feedback in Lagos penultimate Sunday, the Reverend said the current constitution would not make it possible for any presidential candidate to fulfil his campaign promises because it contains several inherent contradictions.

In apparent reference to the radio interview with host, Charles Ideho, Okotie wrote on his Facebook page: “All the major presidential flagbearers are talking about modality – how they would do what – none is addressing conditionality, that is, the constitution, true federalism, resource control, as the primary solution to the Nigerian quandary’.

He explained the Nigerian conundrum: ‘Nigeria’s governmental incapacity is not modalities (about requisite knowledge and procedure), but conditionalities (inherent conditional obstructions).

Okotie buttressed his argument with the metaphor of a pilot who wouldn’t fly his plane under inclement weather because it’s suicidal to do so; an apparent reference to modality.

The Reverend then declared that to attempt to base any actualization of political promises on the present dysfunctional constitution is a journey in futility. 

He concluded that the only way out is to adopt his brand of restructuring based on Aboriginal Democracy, which would produce an acceptable constitution that would meet the yearnings of the people.