By Etop Ekanem

In recent weeks, the country has witnessed a rapid fall of the naira against the dollar. This development has affected several aspects of the Nigerian economy, with the tech market as one of the biggest hits.

Consequently, social media has been a washed with complaints of Nigerians who realised that the prices of the gadgets they have been eyeing and saving up for, keep soaring beyond their reach. 

In developed markets, buyers have access to contract deals on their favourite devices offered by their network carriers. Manufacturers also offer incentives such as trade-in deals and freebies for those who order the products at launch. 

Though several brands have sprung to bridge this gap in Nigeria with credit facilities like buy now, pay later, such platforms have often been accused of running rigid payment structures that are marked by bureaucratic hurdles. 

According to John Bassey, Chief Executive Officer, Ogabassey, “These problems are some of the challenges Ogabassey is addressing, As one of the biggest gadgets merchants in Nigeria, the brand’s business model is hinged on providing electronic gadgets to all Nigerians across all budget lines at affordable prices while offering class-leading after-sales services.”

With an e-commerce platform and physical stores that enable it to deliver nationwide, Bassey said the company has a customer-centric payment plan in partnership with financial institutions. 

He said: “Pay Small Small with Ogabassey is an installment payment plan that enables customers to enjoy flexible payment plans on all their favourite phones, smart television, tablets, laptops, accessories, etc. With payment plans that vary between 3-12 months.

“The programme supports over 40 financial institutions in Nigeria. Ogabassey has deployed financial behemoths like Carbon, Payfi, Lipalate and Zilla to facilitate smooth and swift processing.”

He further explained that Ogabassey’s payment plan protects customers from Nigeria’s unpredictable forex market. “Ogabassey’s Pay Small Small is carefully curated to protect the customers from forex fluctuations. With Pay Small Small, the prices of the gadgets remain the same throughout your contract period. 

“For example, if a buyer purchases the new iPhone 14 Pro Max for N800,000 under a four-month payment plan, regardless of the exchange situation, the buyer will pay N800,000.”

According to Basssey, the brand also has a discount-laden sales drive ‘Awoof Thursday’, that happens every Thursday.  He said this initiative affords buyers the opportunity to get their favourite devices at ridiculously low prices.


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