November 4, 2022

My plans to rebrand Hadegold Media – Aladewura Adegboyega, CEO

My plans to rebrand Hadegold Media – Aladewura Adegboyega, CEO

Founder and CEO of Hadegold Media, Aladewura Adegboyega has described 2022 as a year of surprise.
In an recent interview with Vanguard News, the media guru rated the outgoing year positively and added that he hopes to rebrand Hadegold Media by having new subsidiaries such as Hadegold Studios (Cinematography and Photography) in 2023.
He also opened up on his future plans to run a charity organisation to help curb poverty in the society.

2022, is drawing its curtains, how would you rate the year?
2022 is a great year and I thank God for what I’ve achieved so far from the beginning of the year. SAPA is everywhere; LOL, but, I’ll still give GOD the Glory and I will rate it a “7”.

What are you thankful for?
I’m grateful for everything in life, being alive is worth being thankful for. Most especially, in this country “Nigeria”, but, I thank GOD for the gift of life. And I’m grateful for where I am today. Also , for where I’ll be tomorrow.

What would you rate as your best achievements?
Mehn, at the beginning of this year I had drawn out 6 goals and out of these 6 goals, I’ve achieved 4 already and certainly, before the year runs out, I would achieve all. Would give my best achievements a “9”.

Any awards recorded?
Not yet, but then I was nominated for an award in 2019 for “Most Influential Personality” by True Celebs.

What are your plans for Christmas?
2022 Christmas would be great, my plans for this Christmas is to celebrate the day with my family and friends.

Do you have plans to extend kind gestures to less privileged?
Sure, I do this often times, in my own little way.

Do you have any charity organizations? If not how do you give back to the society?
None, for now. But, I will definitely own one someday because having a Charity Home has always been a part of my plans and I will achieve that very soon. Though I’ve always donated fabrics and cash most times , because I believe that is the best way to give back to the society.

What are the plans for 2023?
I have a lot of goals for this coming year, I will be rebranding Hadegold Media by having new subsidiaries such as Hadegold Studios (Cinematography and Photography).

As a media personnel, what are your expectations of the 2023 elections?
2023 election would definitely be a different one from the past elections. This year election is for “we” youths and we are ready to vote for the right candidate.

Do you belong to any political party?
No, I am not a politician, It doesn’t interest me, sorry.

Your Mobile Application which is planned to Ease Social Media Marketing? How far with the project?
Concerning that Project, We are still working on it; we are fixing some bugs. This might make the mobile application not ready for the public any time soon. We are working on so many projects but this app is the priority.

What else excites you about 2023?
Year 2023 is my year of honor and praise, having that in my head excites me and yes, I will be tying the knot this year, Expect it.

What would be your expectations from the new government when power shift hands?
My expectation is a better Nigeria, a good system, end to “Police Brutality”, good roads, good educational system, and the collapsed Nigeria economy should be corrected.

What are the major challenges you are facing? Since the economic issues in Nigeria?
Currently, the price hike on fuel in Nigeria is killing, depressing and heartbreaking. Imagine getting fuel at the rate of 300naira per liter suddenly from 165naira per liter. This is sad, but I know things will definitely get better soon, February in few days.

Are you in support of the new designed naira notes?
Absolutely yes! Though I would like to make some comments regarding the design of the new Naira notes but I’m in support behind the introduction of the new Naira note.