Iranians protesting death of Mahsa Amini

By Biodun Busari

Israeli military intelligence chief, Major-General Aharon Haliva has warned that the civil unrest in Iran which started in mid-September is drifting into a revolution.

Haliva made this known while addressing Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies on Tuesday.

Iran has faced nationwide protests in Kurdish cities since September 17, when a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, who was arrested and detained by morality police died in their custody.

Amini was arrested for allegedly flouting hijab rules and she died on September 16.

The protests aggravated across the country when another 14-year-old schoolgirl, Parmis Hamnava was beaten to death by security agents.

The policemen invaded her school and accused her of tearing away the portraits of the country’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini out of her school books.

More than 300 people including security operatives have lost their lives in the two-month turmoil, while President Ebrahim Raisi blamed the West for his country’s unrest.

Reacting, Haliva said Iran’s current chaos is already upsetting Raisi’s government.

“I think the protests have already shifted, to a degree, to the realm of a popular uprising,” said Haliva.

“When you look at some of the incidents, even the hours at which they are taking place, the damage to national institutions, to symbols of the state, at the number of fatalities, there is something different happening here that is greatly troubling the regime.”

“At this point in time, I see no real danger to the regime. Prophecy, in the context of the conduct of societies, is not something that is up to the chief of military intelligence, good though he might be.”

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