November 14, 2022

How Nigeria’s union can be stronger — Patriots Roundtable

By Dapo Akinrefon

A  Pressure group, Patriots Roundtable, weekend, said it is committed to the indivisibility of Nigeria’s unity steered by genuine patriots who will promote excellence, instead of mediocrity. The group also said it could be made stronger by the Tinubu-Shettima Ticket in 2023.

Speaking at a Town Hall Meeting organised by the Patriots Roundtable with theme,  ”The Nation, the people and Patriotic Leadership: The Asiwaju Example”, in Lagos , the National Coordinator of the Patriots Roundtable, Uthman Shodipe -Dosunmu, urged Nigerians to choose wisely during the 2023 general elections.

Shodipe -Dosunmu said: “Nigeria now stands on the precipice of another new dawn, of a renewed hope, of another beginning, of a rebirth and a new helmsman that will steer the rudder of state.

“There is no perfect leadership. There is no leadership that resides in pristine , baptismal innocence. We are all flawed.

“But at the same time, we all should be discerning as constituents of the Nigerian state. We are all capable of enlightened decision that will guide our nation aright. This time we dare not get it wrong.

“We do acknowledge that the political fray often degenerates into a mine field of deliberate falsehood, manufactured histrionics, outrageous idiocy and scripted malady where dwarfs become giants , where dark arbiters are woven with the light , where truth is twisted to suit the moment.

“We dare to defer. We at the Patriots Roundtable are sworn to the indivisibility of the Nigerian Union where the nation is steered by genuine patriots who will promote excellence instead of mediocrity, who will spur national rectitude regardless of ethnic provenance or sectarian alliance.

“Here and now, we are bold and dare to submit that the Nigerian fragile union can be made stronger, more developmental and merit worthy in the hands of Tinubu -Shettima ticket.”

On why they are backing Tinubu – Shettima ticket, Shodipe – Dosunmu said: “We have arrived at this position with the proven, observable demonstration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s leadership precedents .

”He is a nation builder. He is an instinctive cultivator of talented men and women , indifferent to their ethnic or sectarian provenance. He is ultimately defined accommodating largeness of the best and the brightest.

“Tinubu is a builder of institution, an instigator of the expanses of merit, aiding the growth of knowledge with the tools of distinction, a bold standard bearer of the best and the brightest of the Nigerian union.

“We do acknowledge that we are all flawed as human beings. We only struggle towards perfection.

”In this conflicting field of presidential candidates, we at the Patriots Roundtable have no doubt at all that the best option on the table for the viability and the sustainability of the Nigerian Union towards nationhood is Tinubu -Shettima ticket.

”This is our resolve predicated on the indices of political balance, pivoted on the tableau of national acceptability , reposed on the doctrine of amity and progressive enlargement and beatific possibilities of the Nigerian space. This is our appeal to the larger Nigerian union.”