I GET on well with my boyfriend’s brother, but I hate his girlfriend.

Everything about her annoys me. She talks non-stop about herself and has him wrapped around her finger.

I have reason to believe she’s even cheated on him a few times.

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We are all going to their home town for a whole week for a wedding soon, but what chance do I stand of enjoying all that time in her company? 
Julie, by email.

Dear Julie,

Being unable to change your mind is a problem and the cure is within yourself, not the other person.

Examine your true emotions if there’s a trace of jealousy there?

She draws attention to herself (away from you) and she has her boyfriend wrapped around her finger (you are falling out with yours).

Try and eliminate your jealousy and look at her again. Does her boastfulness stem from insecurity, particularly when you’re around?

If you have real courage, arrange an outing just for the two of you.

She might be nervous, so give her time to calm down without judging her; then do your best to get to know her and see what everyone else sees in her.

If you want to live in a family that includes her, you’d better learn to like her.

Otherwise, she’ll win this pointless contest that you’ve started.

And as for your suspicion of her infidelity – that’s her business, nobody else’s.

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