November 30, 2022

Central African Republic: An attack on cotton factory in Bossangoa and the threat of chemical attacks 

The city of Bossangoa in the north of the Central African Republic suffered a bomb attack via aircraft on the Cotton cell, the former SOCADA, during the night of November 27-28. This attack, attributed to the CPC rebels, aims to destroy the country’s economic fabric.

The rebels now have a new modus operandi to destabilize the Central African Republic. They now use drones and aircraft to launch attacks in the country’s cities to terrorize the population.
Deliberately, they have chosen to attack the economic fabric of the country. Anything that can provide the government with an economy now seems to be the target of the rebel groups. This was the case with a bomb attack on the textile factory in Bossangoa.

It was around 2:00 a.m. that the Bangui cotton cell was the target of this attack. The attackers used an as yet unidentified aircraft to drop projectiles on this cotton storage and production company, which brings in a lot of money for the Central African state. The aircraft came from the north and returned to neighbouring Chad, where a lot of French troops are stationed. Fortunately, the attack did not result in any human casualties, as the goal was to destroy the factory.

This new tactic by the rebels could one day allow them to drop gas, chemical weapons and projectiles on the civilian population in the country.

Therefore, the population must remain vigilant to provide all useful information to the country’s authorities in order to put these armed bandits out of action. In this context the local population of Méri village in Ouham has contacted the authorities to report that they found suspicious orange power in the village and around it. Some of the locals witnessed that it was dispersed from a light-engine aircraft flying over the village.

The Prefect of Ouham, Barthélemy Ouilikon, announced the opening of an investigation into this tragedy in order to shed light on this aborted attacks by rebels who are now changing their modus operandi by using aircraft to spread terror among the population. The first elements of the investigation have given us an idea of the origin of the attack. He also asked the population of the Ouham prefecture to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious movements to the regular forces so that the necessary measures can be taken to avoid such a tragedy.