November 28, 2022

2023: Youths tasked on need to fight for new lease of life


THE arrow head of God’s kingdom on Earth, Elder Ayodeji Mofolorunso-Ogunjobi has urged Nigerian youths to fight for a new lease of life.

Ogunjobi who insisted that democracy has not brought any meaningful development to Africa said it’s high time the Youths of Nigeria rise up for a new lease of life.

He said: “The progress of Humanity depends on the Youths of Nigeria.

“Unfortunately they have remained passive in the face of their future being mortgaged.

“Instead of antagonizing the vultures who constitute the political elites, they allow themselves to be used as willing campaign tools for a Democracy which has never favored the nation since Independence.

“None of them has ever bothered to ask those vying for Political leadership how they intend to handle the enormous foreign debt that is pushing the country into another era of Colonization .

“It’s high time the Youths of this great Nation rise up and fight for a new lease of life.

“Democracy has not brought any meaningful progress to Nigeria since Independence. The same set of clueless political elites are being recycled.”

Ogunjobi stressed that Societal Development should be handled by a professional ordained by “the Creator and not mediocres who continue to use quota system, religion, rotational presidency, ethnicity and all other divides to put square pegs in round holes.

“Deja Vu decrees that a change in government in Nigeria at this end time will focus on a change in the fortunes and image of the average African and bring joy, peace and progress to the rest of Humanity. The best is yet to come”.