November 26, 2022

2023: Let us break from routines recycling, says Al- Mustapha

Abacha’s former Chief Security Officer (COS), Major Hamza Al-Mustapha

By Henry Umoru 

AHEAD of 2023 general elections, the presidential candidate of Action Alliance, (AA) Major Al-Mustapha Hamza, retd, has urged Nigerians to jettison the idea of recycling by breaking away from what he described as routines and vote for new, credible leaders that will provide for a new and better Nigeria. 

Speaking in Abuja during a one-day Presidential town hall meeting organized by a group under the aegis of the New Nigeria Dream Initiative, NNDI,  Al-Mustapha said that Nigerians would need to study historical antecedents from 1957 till date in order to proffer solutions to the sufferings of the people, adding that grey areas of interest on the list of his party’s agenda he said include; dignifying women, children, the elders, security, maintaining the integrity and sovereignty of the country.

The NNDI, a project of New Dream Grassroots Initiative, is a political support group that seeks to create a platform where electorates can directly engage with candidates who are vying for various political positions in Nigeria in order to make informed decisions on the right candidates to vote for.

Speaking on the current security challenges in the country, the the former Chief Security Officer to late former Head of State, General Sani Abacha lamented that Nigeria has found herself in a hope less situation by patronising the sponsors of the insurgents by merging the police with the military. 

He said, “We have been wasting time doing nothing by simply making our armed forces road bound while the real theaters of war lye in the forests and hinter land.”

Al- Mustapha who  noted that his government would introduce an e-economy, giving the assurance that his adminstration would establish smaller security forces to man the forest zones, just as he said that it will also introduce e-economy for ease of doing business across the country, with an investment.