As campaign for public offices hots up, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Lagos, Ismail Musa has urged candidates contesting to lead the people at all levels to speak the truth to Nigerians instead of making empty promises.

Professor Musa charged politicians to follow up their campaign promises with sincerity of purpose, and ready to lift the people out of the current state of despair to optimism and better their lots, noting that Nigerians need to supplicate deeply on this instead of engaging in permutations. 

The Chief Imam of the Ivory Tower in a chat with Facing Kaaba on the jostle for the Presidency and other public offices, he said Allah will choose the best candidate whose tenure will ursher in an era of peace, progress and goodness of life for all Nigerians. 

“Allah created human beings in a way that we love and enjoy peace, progress and goodness of life. On the contrary, human beings detest peacelessness, failure and suffering. I expect that the best candidate will win in a free and fair election. The best is he or she whose tenure will usher in an era of peace, progress and goodness of life for all and sundry.

On their various campaign promises, he said; “I am yet to study their manifesto. However, this is the time politicians make both realistic and outrageous promises. I urge them to speak truth to Nigerians and follow it up with sincerity of purpose, a passion to lift people out of despair and a commitment to selfless service. This is the first step towards getting things right. It is heinous in the sight of Allah to make empty promises with the intent to deceive.

“There are three frontliners with visible strengths and weaknesses. One candidate is battling with intra-party crises that we don’t know how long it would last. Another is fighting obscurity among the teeming rural populace.

“The third needs to convince the voting public that he is capable of overcoming daring challenges the current government is trying to grapple with. May Allah decide the best course for us. He is the owner of power who grants power to whosoever He wishes. 

All the candidates should strive to build and rebuild the nation whilst putting Allah first. Success lies with Allah. He will not disappoint those who put their trust in Him. 

He advised Nigerians to be prayerful and to be hopeful for a better deal, adding that it is better to supplicate deeply on this instead of engaging in permutations.  

“Nigerians should rally round the best team with the best possible government. The presidency is about Nigeria and all it’s constituent units. May Allah appoint for us leaders who will be God-conscious and who will be focused on the Day of Accountability,” he noted.


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