The Alimosho Youth Vanguard, AYV in Lagos has said that there is no constituency or local government area in Lagos State that Otunba Segun Adewale (popularly known as Aeroland) has not sited a project even without occupying any political office.

Speaking during a town hall meeting, Convener of the group, Comrade Oni Lanre said Adewale’s projects have successfully touched so many lives positively.

“Quote me anywhere, I honestly dont think there is any local government in Lagos west Senatorial District that has not gotten anything from Aeroland, either in terms of borehole water, road grading, medical care, university scholarship, interest-free business loan etc,” Oni said.

The youth leader asserted in a session during the AYV’s town hall meeting held over the weekend in Ayobo, a town hall meeting where the youth laid down the score card of all the politicians contesting in the forthcoming election in Lagos 2023, giving account of their stewardship.

According to Oni, “Otunba Segun Adewale and Idiat Adebule’s scorecard in terms of timely community interventions, leadership and philanthropy in Lagos West as a whole is incomparable.

It is as clear as the summer sky that Aeroland has consistently played a major role in the development of lagos West Senatorial District with is personal funds and he has stayed consistent. He is the kind of man that should represent us.

“In Lagos west he has done a total of fifty sever (57) boreholes for people to steadily have access to clean water in various homes and work place. Presently, there is a community in Alimosho called “Aero Village” which was named after Aeroland because he donated the transformer that brought an end to ten years darkness”

“Where was Idiat Adebule when we need to renovate our schools to make it conducive for our children to learn, police stations and grade our roads ? Where was she ? Aeroland did it.
Yes! She was in government as a Deputy Governor but did nothing tangible for the communities they govern. How does she intend to represent the people she does not know nor understand their struggles? For instance, What will she say Ayobo or Badagry or Igando looks like ?”

“When it comes to politics, residents of Alimosho especially have become pretty pessimistic. The people generally stopped voting after the 2015 incidence when they all voted for Segun Adewale and the victory was stolen. Voter turnout, especially in Alimosho became mediocre after that experience. But with the introduction of BVAS and the fact that Aeroland is on they ballot, a lot of people have decided to give it its last shot”.

The Youth leader added that Adewale has promised that he will make the constituents get access to skill acquisition, scholarships and interest-free business loans, adding that he is ready to sponsor a bill to make it effective.

He also insisted that Adewale’s contender in the race is no match for him, adding that the people of Alimosho have made up their mind on whom to vote for.

“It will shock you to note that the candidacy of Adebule is a fraud and it was a last minute compensation package amongst themselves. They will not succeed this time in Lagos West, our people are wiser now. If there is justice and fairness, Adebule will not win one polling unit in Alimosho because nobody knows her here, including her party members,” Oni said.


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